When the RNIB magazine came through the door I came across an article advertising a fundraising trip to Iceland. I thought, "I have to fundraise for that." It said in the article that I had to raise £2500 for the charity. I first heard of the RNIB when I was on a trip to Windermere with Action for Blind a similar charity that helps people with sight loss. I thought, "well these charities are helping me I can help them in return." The trip to Iceland not only offered me a chance to help the

Understanding what sight loss means

The trip to Iceland not only offered me a chance to help the charity it also meant that I could see an amazing country.

The trip also provided an opportunity to meet other people who are like me. You see I went to a mainstream school and there weren't many people that had sight problems. Sometimes people struggled to relate to my sight problem. This trip offered a chance to be among people who understood what living with sight loss really means.

My Trip to Iceland

I was nervous at first as I didn't know anyone and it was a new adventure. This was the first time the charity had done a trek like this and I don't think anyone knew what to expect. We met our guides Tom, Selma and Bryn but even with their wealth of experience this was a new trek for them too. The first day was a challenge as we walked up and down slippery stiles covered in green moss.

We joined hands to help other over brooks as our guide seemed obsessed with streams. Tom proceeded to take us over at least three streams but he did aid us over slippery rocks to get us to the other side.

Day 2 - different challenges

The second day was met with different challenges. We dealt with gale-force winds and soaking wet rain.

By the time I got to the tepid warm natural spring I thought I might as well go in as I was soaked through already. Well I thought to myself that I may never get this opportunity again so I may as well grab it. On the last day we were transferred to a hotel in Reykjavik. We had a last night evening meal at a local restaurant.

The day after we explored the town and went to the church which was very beautiful. That was the day we left Reykjavik behind.

Iceland is a beautiful destination which is well known for its ecotourism. The Iceland Tourism Website offers many interesting tips and adventures for those wishing to visit this amazing country.