Ubisoft revealed the latest patch of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege; it improves the overall gameplay experience. Three characters will be getting some buffs, Glaz, Doc, and Buck.

The developer is also deploying its own Technical Test Servers (TTS) to improve the quality of the game and server stability, but they are going to test it first before going live. The first TTS feature is the One-Step Matchmaking which was mentioned at the Six Invitational.

Rainbow Six Siege characters and weapon changes

Glaz's flip sight gets an improvement. It is now easier to target the enemies using his thermal vision and even works through smoke grenades, that makes Glaz have a good counter attack.

Doc's overheal has been upgraded to 140 health because the developer said that 120 doesn't make a difference, and Buck's skeleton key shotgun has another magazine because some players stated that the shotgun gets quickly out of ammo.

There is also changes in the weapon. Holo sight, reflex, and red dot reticle have increased its size because of the realignment of sights in the Velvet shell update. The rate of the trigger change to prevent rapid firing for DMRs because the maximum trigger was too high. The damage of Echo's MP5SD2 increase at medium range, it has now 29 damage from 0 to 15 meters fall off to 14 damage at 20 meters. The Thermite's 556XI has been updated to control it easier. Caveira's Luison damage has been buffed at medium range encounters; the damage goes from 70 damage at 7 meters to 35 damage at 18 meters.

About Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Montreal developed the game and published by Ubisoft Entertainment, and it is the thirteenth installment in the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege franchise. Teamwork, tactics, and tension the main feature of the game. In each map, you can choose multiple locations for both attackers and defenders. It is close-quartered, so you will use your weapons to break the walls. There is also three game modes, situations, multiplayer and terrorist hunt.