WikiLeaks on Thursday released new documents that there are hacking tools by the Central Intelligence Agency to use to hack Apple's devices. The tools were made in the past year, and they said that the current Apple hardware is now infected. The CIA attempted to crack some of the most locked-down consumer devices, using hacking software and methods to access the products directly.

The batch of a file that described the hacking tools is named "DarkMatter," and consist of users manuals and documentation that is targeting Apple MacBooks. Malware can infect Apple's Thunderbolt interface and this can be done by the tool named "Sonic Screwdriver.

" It will exploit the interface to allow anyone who has access to a Macbook to bypass password protection on the firmware.

Sonic Screwdriver

The first documented version of the tool was released in 2012, and it only works on MacBooks built between 2011 and 2012. The tool would allow a local attacker to booth the targeted Macbook from an external device to install malware while the user is using it. Those implants included "DarkMatter and "QuarkMatter." The QuarkMatter is a malware to infect EFI partition of a Mac storage device. The tool also used to implant Der Starke, a diskless EFI-persistent that can access administrative to the operating system of Mac, works on OS 10.7("Lion" and 10.8 ("Mountain Lion").

WikiLeaks leaked documents

According to the media organization, in 2008 documents, the CIA was able to install software to iPhones before they were shipped to the owners. There was no evidence of tampering done at Apple's company. The documents also show that the CIA found a way that they can install software on Apple's devices that could not be removed or changed even if a user reinstalls its operating system.

WikiLeaks also have a leaked documents that reveal a cache of hacking tools that will target operating systems of modern phones and personal computers. There is a hacking tool too, for Samsung SmartTV that requires physical access. They also said the Central Intelligence Agency hacked Apple Products to track mail orders and shipments leaving the United States.