Simonetta is definitely one of the 100 top influencers in the world. With an even bolder and sophisticated style, Simonetta keeps on setting trends in fashion and beyond. We are curious about how this Icon spends her daily life so we have asked her. Be ready to take note.

Daily routine

Sabina: Simonetta, can you tell us your daily routine?

Simonetta: I wake up early, I take a look at my social media notifications, prepare a post to schedule, catch up with my tribe’s posts to share some love. I then post, I interact with my tribe replying to comments and dm.

My morning flies by, while I receive phone calls and notifications that I assure you, I will address. Just a bit later ;) Then I check my emails, talk to my team, maybe my publicist about work collaborations. Often I write a new piece or I schedule posts to go live on the website and I take care of what I see I can do for The Wishwall Foundation. At that point, I realize that maybe I forgot to eat, and yes I also had to take out the dog and say hi to my adorable husband, and maybe call back my #family in Italy who had already tried to call me three times by then. At 5 or 6 I try to close my business like an office, and I go to the gym or to my personal meetings. If I don’t have to go to an event.

I come back home and I cook for my husband or he cooks for me (more often as he is amazing) and we watch a movie usually. He takes the dog out at night as he doesn’t want me to go out when is dark. I married the best.

Sabina: What do you read during the day?

Simonetta: Mostly Social media posts, articles about the latest trends or inspiring stories and articles and books of Daisaku Ikeda, my mentor who keeps me always motivated and focused.

Social media managing

Sabina: How do you manage social media every day?

Simonetta: Like a maniac ;) Be ready to work a lot and have a team who can support you. Creating the right relationships in the real world is fundamental to have the right content for your social media. I also like to be inspired and do some innovative photo shoots and I try to collect images that I will use for some weeks while in the meantime I prepare new concepts for the brands I represent.

Being an influencer means being a branding expert, a communicator, a creative content creator who aims to have the best images ever on the market. Only when you strive to be the best you can achieve it, never under dream it. Dream bold.

Sabina: Who supports you during the day?

Simonetta: #Matcha tea ;) my incredible husband, my dog who stays all day near me, my dad when I need to talk a bit, and my tribe online. It is a pleasure to have an extended social media family.

Advice to the future influencers

Sabina: Your advice to future influencers?

Simonetta: Be well prepared for what you want to communicate, use good images, find your own message so that when people see your page they will know in a second that it is you.

I admire those profiles that have a common thread in every picture. Your social media is your magazine and this is your business: act like it.#SimonettaLein

Style by Ninorta Malke

Makeup by Greis Mills

Hair by Arjeta Quereti

Outfit via Dreams On Air by Malika Rajani & Malaika