The ideal of the perfect Body Image in people’s perception is influenced by magazines, social media and standards. Some would argue this standard is unattainable or unrepresentative of the market of people who buy fashion, such as the everyday consumer. A newer standard which has gained media popularity over the years is plus size and is something building up to being recognised due to challenging the norm.

Body Image

Retail is an industry which has gone through changes to accommodate for real people who shop and buy clothes which they can identify with.

The retail companies need to find a way to make their products relatable to their consumer. Plus Size models is an example of a way to do this, as they promote higher dress sizes to the curvier or fuller figured modern-day woman.

Curve modelling is something which is of a phenomenon because not only does it promote fashion for all curvier sizes, body positivity is campaigned to enhance esteem levels for all people of all sizes. Plus size modelling is for women who range from sizes 12- 22 and further. Agencies and castings require a toned and healthy body, as well as the basic requirements to be a good model. It is a discipline and requires a lot of patience, but as it is a growing market, there is a lot of interest in this type of modelling.

Personality is also a must to be easy to work with, as well as the look and the right proportions.

Average Dress Size

Modelling for plus size clothing is popular because the average dress size for the female has changed over the years. Hence, more stores stock clothes and fashion for the bigger and more beautiful woman. Famous models also add publicity for the body positivity movement and that all women should be accepted in the industry and in society equally.

Plus size modelling also opens up doors for diversity in the market for women of all ages, races and cultures.

In conclusion, many still believe that smaller sized women are more appealing to showcase style than the curvier frame. It is true to say the availability of bigger sizes in stores mean more people would want to see curvier and larger women fashion the clothes.

Making the plus size model a more popular choice as well as a role model for the body positivity movement. Whether it is a catwalk, runway or a magazine photo-shoot where you might see this type of model, understand no matter what size counts, the same standard of professionalism matters.