She told us about her icons and about fashion in general, she even shared with us few fashion tips.

One of the top influencers

Sabina: How do you feel as one of the most successful influencers?

Simonetta: It is an honour every time I get recognised as one of the top influencers in the world. To me, it means that all my hard work has paid off. Also, it means a lot of responsibility to keep on having interesting content, great projects, empowering people to feature. I have a serious commitment to deliver quality, that is what it really means to me.

Sabina: Why do you think people count you as one of the top ones?

Simonetta: I have always been dedicated to having a consistent style that turned into my brand. Everything I do is always deeply studied and I try to think how my followers and readers will be inspired. I put them first before me, and we created a relationship based on respect and sincere admiration. I personally talk with a lot of my followers and I am very grateful to them. The most amazing feeling is when other girls tell me I am their role model. I take that very seriously and I try to inspire them so that they can surpass me and inspire me and others.

Fashion advice

Sabina: As one of the top fashion icons, what is your best fashion advice?

Simonetta: To have your personal style, to not waiver, and not be scared to show yourself.

Fashion is a great way to wrap your soul.

Sabina: Which fashion Icon is your favourite one?

Simonetta: I always liked Olivia Palermo for her clean and classy style. She never shows too much, she doesn't need to pretend. I get inspired to be refined and feminine. I always loved Franca Sozzani as well. She gave me an appointment as she was very intrigued by me.

I was in Philadelphia and she wanted to see me on spur of the moment's notice in Milan Italy, so I sent a person from my team. Miss Sozzani said to my team mate that she would see me very soon. Unfortunately, she passed away a few months later. Franca's style always inspired me to be me, always classy and different without the need to show off.

I regret not having had the chance to have met her, however, I have a special relationship with her in my heart, and I look up to her as an icon and a woman entrepreneur.

An upcoming TV show

Sabina: What could you tell us about your upcoming projects?

Simonetta: I have many projects going on. My focus now is to use my position as a Millennial influencer trying to leave something that will help my generation-defining its style. I have requests from a new tv project and a new book. I am also finishing to shoot my tv show about my foundation through and amazing fashion network, FNL, and it will be distributed as a lifestyle show internationally. I am trying to contribute to society by making a concrete mark.

Please know that I am grateful to each and every one of you for helping me achieve my dreams and allowing me to help others to make their dreams come true.

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