Mens smart and Casual Wear have changed little in centuries. Consider the suit complete with shirt and tie. Consider casual wear jeans and tee shirts or other styles of casual wear. To say we are in a new Century with technology shaping our lives it seems everything is changing but menswear.

The suit down the centuries and decades has changed, yes, but the basic design remains the same. Casual menswear has also gone through changes but the basic casual wear for men remains the same.

Take any high street stores the range of men's smart and casual wear is depressing.

All mass produced with all the same designs year after year. Watching sci-fi progs from years ago it was thought that both men and women would be wearing silver space-like suits. Well, how wrong were they? But that's how people from the 60's, 70, and 80's when portraying future people thought they would be dressed.

No doubt women get fed up with the same clothes that have been around for years too but this article is about men.

The 80's

To me as someone who grew up in that decade men's fashion really did try something different. Whether it was Adam Ant, Boy George or Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran it was certainly avant-garde. Men even wore makeup and there was nothing limp wristed or effeminate about it.

Men were still men but the New Romantic fashion allowed men to be peacocks and foppish and still attract the girls.

Men's fashion today seems to be going nowhere. No doubt there are the innovative men's fashion designers but these designs have not become mainstream. Also if they did many ordinary men would not be able to afford them unless the styles trickled down to the high street.

Fashions only take off when others see it is ok and not feel embarrassed to look or dress a certain way. Let's be radical here women have been wearing trousers for years so why not men in skirts? Why not bring the cape back or perhaps flowing robes?

That's why of all the decades for men the 80's dared to be different.

The future!

There may come a time when men's fashion really does change and become revolutionary.

The good thing it seems that at least in offices men's wear has become more casual which to me is only to be welcomed.

If change is coming to menswear and indeed womenswear it will take a long time. It will take a long time because people are not comfortable with change. Most men for example unless you are Scottish or Greek wouldn't dream of wearing a skirt for the obvious connotations.

Whats needed is a whole new mindset for clothing and menswear especially. The change needs to come from mainstream designers and those who wear their designs. Until that change comes women and especially men are stuck with what the shops are selling.