BN: Simonetta, you are The Celebrity Wishmaker. Can you explain to us how did you get this title and what does that mean?

Simonetta: When I first started to talk with the city of Philadelphia about my idea of bringing The Wishwall from an only online reality to The Wishwall in Every City, councilman Mark Squilla liked it so much and said: you are The Wishmaker! After that moment the media started to refer to me as The Wishmaker and my social media and public figure status followed, and I became The Celebrity Wishmaker. I try to empower others to work hard.

The celebrity status to me it is just a recognition of a lot of good work done; anyone who shares something that can empower and uplift others is a celebrity to me.

BN: You have your own foundation "The Wishwall Foundation". How does this foundation work?

Simonetta: You can share your wish on The Wishwall Online and we select from there three wishes every year and we grant one after every "The Wishwall in every city". We focus on wishes that can impact the community and empower a multitude of people if granted.

BN: Where did you put The Wishwall in every city and what was the reaction from people who are living there?

Simonetta: We have The Wishwall in Philadelphia (dedicated to Pope Francis) and in Marlton NJ (dedicated to singer Christina Grimmie).

We are heading to Washington DC, Sierra Vista AZ, and Milan Italy. We have been requested New York as well and we are evaluating it. Your city can host The Wishwall too! People feel very respectful about it and recognize the great value of sharing dreams and try to enrich the world through them, bringing a real difference.

BN: You do modeling and you are a fashion Icon, author.

We had a chance to see you at the New York fashion week as well. What kind of role does a fashion play in your life?

Simonetta: Fashion is one of my favorite forms of expression. I was raised in Italy, between beauty, art, and class. Those to me are values, and fashion is an artistic form to express the beauty and particularity of a soul.

That is why fashion can be so empowering.

BN: Empowering women is something you also do. In what kind of way do you empower them?

Simonetta: I write about amazing women that are changing the world in style. I believe in "women for women" and in "girl bosses" sticking together. Please come and share my journey with me at