England’s recent arctic conditions winter weather is so nasty it's freezing out the 1978 blizzard records - the severe storm Emma and blasts from the Beast from the East - have ground to a halt any impractical attempts of day-to-day fashion glamour. Many of Europe’s citizens have been suffering the Siberian chill but brave fashion followers defiantly confronted the onset of the superstorm at Milan Fashion Week last weekend. The public braced for the freezing air in bohemian hats, faux fur, face scarves and quilted coats, embodying chic functionality while exploring the city's fashion events and festivities.

Their unfazed tenacity, in the face of the ever-present turbulent air conditions, was recompensed through an unanticipated Dolce And Gabbana appearance at the city's Rinascente department store.

'All the Lovers'

The ‘All the lovers’ Spring/Summer 2018 ready to wear collection was colourfully paraded around the Rinascente’s in-house fashion floors allowing the audience a glimpse of hotter climes and the absent Mediterranean sun. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana‘s high spirits, roaming selfie stick and fan interaction added warmth to the vibrant visuals. The designer's choreography and the hair/make-up artist's lab coat uniforms also revealed an underlying flair for technical finesse.

The fashion giants Dolce and Gabbana are known targets of the international press, but much like the Rinascente crowds, they continually opt for fun in the face of cynicism.

Empowered femininity

An array of slender models showcased the brand's Spring/Summer looks and spectators were lead to an exotic wonderland with headscarves, coins, fruit hats, golden crowns, playing card prints and heart motifs.

The butterflies, roses, ‘Queen’ slogans, tweed skirt blazers and trouser suits proved that the clothing also had empowered femininity at its core. Sequins and leopard prints also added allure to the aesthetics of the proceedings. Dolce and Gabbana creatively wove in tradition amongst modernity with regal bracelets and holy Madonna cues.

Auric hearts and rosary necklaces were pitched alongside hoodies and wifi/selfie slang. The garments' bold presence was powerful and even the finer details reflected this with letters forming uplifting prose printed on accessories - ‘Life is Beautiful’, ‘Dance and Grove’.

If you wish to speed up the onset of summer and fancy a taste of laid-back blazing luxury then the full fur-free ‘All the lovers’ range is available on the Dolce and Gabbana website. Anyone can be crowned a summer fashion queen as many of the key themes (florals/hearts/sequins etc) are easily imitated in charity shops and along the high street.