Every Makeup item has its own unique properties. Some are known for their unique combination of natural ingredients, while others contain nutrients like vitamins, and minerals promising to give you younger looking skin. These days, women understand the advantages of choosing the right makeup and beauty products. They are not ready to compromise on quality no matter if they have to spend hundreds of bucks on a single item.

The trend of using makeup has become common, so every makeup brand enlisted here is known for its remarkable range of products.

We are confident that these companies will give a new horizon to the world by 2017.


Lipsticks, moisturizing creams, and personal care products of Olay are world renowned. It is an outstanding and famous Skincare line of the US. According to a report, Olay is a top ranked company of Procter & Gamble. During the 2015 fiscal year, this firm generated more than $80 billion revenues.

With the passage of time, Olay has expanded its network and has included total effect moisturizers, body lotions, white radiance creams, nail paints, lip glosses, and other items in its range. For the women who are conscious about their beauty, Olay has presented a series of anti-aging creams. The most interesting thing is that this brand’s makeup items are least expensive.


L’Oreal is famous among the top beauty experts worldwide. This French cosmetics company has its headquarters in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine. Other than this, L’Oreal has its outlets in Paris, New York, London, Dubai, and Mumbai.

Over the years, the company has presented top-notch skincare and makeup products. Its hair colors, sun protection creams, fragrances, shampoos, and conditioners are famous among the American and European ladies.

This brand has been around since the 19th century, and its foundation was laid by Eugène Paul Louis Schueller.


Though Avon is least famous but still this makeup and beauty brand is likely to play its vital role in shaping the future of fashion industry by 2017. It is an American manufacturer of beauty, household and personal care products.

According to an estimate, Avon’s revenues alone in December 2015 were $10 billions. It is one of the largest enterprises with more than six million representatives worldwide.

Currently, Sherilyn S. McCoy is working as the firm’s CEO, and he is known for bringing forth some outstanding skincare and hair care items for the consumers. It was in 1892 when David H. McConnell started the business of selling perfumes and personal care products in New York City. By 1892, McConnell founded Avon Products, Inc.