The beauty experts at L’Oreal have made it clear that the problem of hair fallout becomes worst during the changing seasons. There are many reasons why men, women, and even the children suffer from this issue. The most common factors that contribute are negligence of hair care, using low-quality shampoos, and/or taking too much stress. Generally, a healthy human sheds around one hundred hairs on a daily basis.

This is a natural hair growth cycle that accompanies is not harmful. You can make your hair look beautiful, strong, and glowing by using home remedies.

For example, drink milk, eat healthy diets, and change your sleeping habits. Most importantly, consult a doctor if you are constantly suffering from hair fallout because there are chances that you have developed ‘alopecia’ which is a severe disorder. Why do we suffer from hair fallout? L’Oreal health experts say that there could be many reasons, but the following ones are most common.


If you are a woman expecting your first or second child, there are chances that you would develop this complication in the changing seasons. Remember that the period of pregnancy accompanies a lot of physical, mental, and psychological changes. It is not so easy to become a mother and you might have to deal with alopecia.

As the disease is curable, you don’t do not need to stress too much about it. .

Dryness of hair

With the arrival of winter,hair dryness becomes a common problem. This is mainly because of dandruff and is easily curable. You just need to keep the hair clean and soft in the changing seasons. Doing so can help to preventany Hair loss.

Also, dandruff that damages the hair to agreat extent will start to reduce. Eat healthy foods because sometimes dandruff is the result of eating fatty foods and junk items. Use lots of water, fresh veggies, and fruits.

Hair fall due to sun rays

If you expose yourself to the direct sun rays, you could suffer from hair loss, L’Oreal claims.

In the summer and fall seasons, the growth of hair gets disturbed naturally. On the other hand, abnormal hormonal changes accelerate the hair fallout. If you spend most of your time under the sun, there are chances that you could develop the problems of skin infection and hair loss.

Telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium is one of the major reasonsfor hair loss. This phenomenon takes place when someone has undergone surgery or has shed many pounds in the recent months. In this stage, the hair fallout is prominently noticeable even when you style and shampoo regularly. There is no need to worry, as with the proper medications, you can deal with this disease. The most suitable medications for telogen effluvium are beta-blockers, which arenon-steroidal, and antidepressant.