Once you finish your degree, you start thinking which Career you should pick. Modern careers cause stress, anxiety, and depression, British Columbian health expertsclaim. They are of the view that these days most of the career paths bring in a lot of challenges. Also, the work schedule is very tight, and in return you only earn a few pennies. By the whole, these types of jobs are not worth your time. The high depression and stress rate in today’s youth has been the result of wrong career selection, British Columbian researchers report. Do you want to know about those career choices?

Here is given a list.

Pro Wrestling

Those who dream of becoming the pro wrestlers are just wasting their time. Wrestling may look like an exciting and glamorous sport, but it accompanies various challenges. The wrestlers need to remain physically fit and mentally active no matter what’s going on in their personal lives. With the passage of time, this profession has gained a good impression on social media. The doctors of British Columbia have clarified that opting for this profession is good for nothing. It makes you feel stressed as you have to do a lot of workouts every day. Apart from that, there are chances that you would frequently suffer from injuries.


It is better that the youngsters stay away from this appealing career.

When one looks at movies and sees the stars are making billions of dollars, he would surely get attracted. It is not so easy to become a successful actor. The profession accompanies numerous challenges. For example, during the shooting, you would have to work long hours and give your best performance. At the same time, you are to perform the similar tasks in a variety of environments that can cause depression and stress.

I don’t think I need to mention that the actors and actresses pay a lot of attention to their beauty. For this, you would have to pay a visit to your beauty expert once or twice a week no matter if you have just wrapped up the shooting and are tired.


Becoming a teacher is always a dream of every sensible and responsible citizen.

The youngsters especially get attracted to this profession as it requires no experience. If you have completed your graduation and don’t know what to do, a teaching profession could be your choice. Let me here make it clear that opting for this career for a lifetime is not good. It is commonly observed that nowadays teachers work really hard as the curriculum has become tough. This career puts a lot of mental burden on them, and the salary is quite low. British Columbians have reported that Teaching is one of the professions that accompany a lot of stress.