22-year-old Hector Bellerin points out the difference between Arsenal and Barca. Bellerin is the first Arsenal and active premier league player to speak at Oxford Union. He praises Arsenal for its professionalism.

Hector pointed out the two clubs are like ‘night and day’

The young player said that there were not any balls when he came to Arsenal as a professional whereas Barcelona was always about ‘just kicking balls’.

Héctor Bellerín moved to England from Spain in 2011, at the age of sixteen, after eight years of learning at Barcelona. He signed his debut two years later.

Within no time he excelled in the Premier League and attracted Manchester City and his former club Barcelona. Last year, he told his fellow players that he thinks everything in England is more ‘professional’ and Arsenal has taught him things Barcelona did not. According to him, being away from home and travelling a lot at an early age gave him a good taste of what being a professional player is like.

The young player further praised his current team and also came up with some interesting answers to more questions at the Oxford Union.

He discussed various issues and opened up about his interests other than football

People can often be seen criticising Bellerin for his interest in fashion. Some say that football and fashion don’t go together.

To such views, he responded by saying that he cares about his profession and his profession is his ‘main focus’ and that everyone needs to stop worrying about it. Just like everyone else he has other hobbies and interests. The player also talked about depression in sport and his long-term career goals. He was praised for donating fifty pounds for every minute he played at the Under-21 Euros to the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire.

Good job Hector!

Bellerin has without a doubt proved to be an extraordinary personality and is indeed following footsteps of other exemplary people in the field. On his Twitter account, the player shared a few pictures and thanked Oxford Union for inviting him as he stated it was a "real honour". "This is quality Hector. Well done.

Such a smart grounded individual. I’m proud you’re a Gooner” replied a fan.

Later in the February, another Arsenal player, Mesut Ozil, will be addressing Oxford Union.

It was a pleasure to see him at the Oxford Union and we know he is exceptionally busy and a lot is expected of him as a player and wish him all the best.