Without a doubt, this season has been a really good one for Manchester City, as the English team has racked up an impressive amount of points through 18 rounds of competition. The Citizens have had a great Premier League this season, smashing rivals no matter who they are, when or where they play. The side is doing unbelievable things that only make us wonder who is capable of stopping them.

Last Saturday they faced Tottenham Hotspurs at the Etihad Stadium in which was possibly the last challenge for Pep Guardiola’s team to see and test their level.

If anybody had any kind of doubts about this team, now they can stop having them; Manchester City is the real deal and they’re here to stay. Pep has assembled a very talented group of players and made them play really well together.

It’s not because of the sparkling victory over Mauricio Pochettino’s team, but the way they’ve been playing so far is something else. Prior to this encounter, City had defeated the rest of the so-called six greats and they did it displaying a great football. This team is a football machine and whether you’re a rival supporter or just a neutral fan, you certainly will enjoy watching this squad playing every weekend - unless your team gets smashed by them, of course.

Is it too early to call them champions?

Well, seeing their current momentum and the next matches they have, it would be extraordinary watching them lose the run for the title. They beat Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, and more recently, Tottenham Hotspurs, so who’s left to challenge them? That’s right: nobody.

With their latest victory over the North London side, the Sky Blues reached 52 points in 18 matches, maintaining the 11-point gap with Manchester United. This might sound crazy, but the Blues have a really good chance of becoming champions, and to be acknowledged as champions right now.

This is exactly what happened with Chelsea last year and to a lesser extent with Leicester City a couple of seasons ago; they drifted away from their persecutors and there was no coming back.

When you have guys like Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and company playing at this high level, you know almost nothing can stop you from winning the title.

What’s next for the Citizens?

Starting this Wednesday, they are facing Leicester City at King Power Stadium for the EFL Cup quarter-finals. After that, they are going to play with five teams that they already defeated before. From this point now until February, Manchester City is going to have a couple of quiet and easy months to await the championship.

Overseas they will have an easy competition in FC Basel for the Champions League round of 16, so, everything is given to Pep and his team to take it all this season both in England and Europe.

This side is arguably the best one on the continent at this point, they're displaying a really attractive game and scoring goals with extreme ease.

Manchester City is keen to win every competition they’re part of and they are very likely to do it.