December has arrived and that can only mean one thing. Not, it’s not Christmas, it means it's time for the FIFA World Cup final draw and the possibility to finally see how the groups of the biggest national team tournament in the world are going to be assembled. The draw was carried out this Friday in Moscow, where every coach was able to see their future rivals in the big stage of football.

As usual, the host of the cup was the number one seed of Group A, and this time it was Russia. They landed in a group relatively easy, in which they can have plenty of chances to make it to the round of 16.

Figures like Diego Maradona, Cafu, Diego Forlan and Carles Puyol among others were the ones in charge to execute the final raffle for the next World Cup starting on June 14 with the clash between the host, Russia, against Saudi Arabia.

Final Draw:

What’s the most difficult group?

Seeing the kind of teams that qualified to the cup and how they were put together, it's hard to pick only one among all those groups, and although many people believe Germany or France landed in the most difficult set of the tournament, in my personal opinion, the most balanced one is the “H”, which features one of the most regular sides in Europe in Poland; the always dangerous Senegal, Colombia who has one of the most talented ranks in the entire world and Japan who is never a favorite, but knows how to complicate things for their rivals.

Nevertheless, there are other options to have in mind and that’s why the ones that think Germany and France have the worst group to face aren’t that wrong. This draw delivered some very competitive groups and we can’t wait to start watching the things all these national teams have to show us.

What about England?

Curiously, England has big chances to make it in their group since right now the only menace they have for the top spot of the leaderboard is the promising Belgium, a team that has the obligation to thrive this next World Cup seeing the number of skilled players they have right now.

Perhaps the English squad hasn’t had the best appearances in recent World Cups, but seeing their group they are as much obligated to qualify as Belgium is to have a good tournament. They have the youth in players like Raheem Sterling, Dele Alli, and company; the experience in Jordan Henderson and Gary Cahill, plus a manager like Gareth Southgate that has found the right way to make this team a competitive one again.

Perhaps England is not a favourite for the tournament at this moment, but if the Three Lions manage to get the results, England could be a really nice surprise in Russia.