Manchester United is in a form that has many football analysts saying it will challenge for the Premier League title. So far they have won both Premier League match ups and have scored four goals in each of them while at the same time maintaining a clean sheet.

This weekend they face Leicester City and a look at the statistics shows that United have won 14 out of 22 matches against Leicester City, which leaves Leicester with two wins and the six left were draws. United also has both seven home and away wins with Leicester has one home and away win.

In the form that United are in right now, it doesn't seem too far off to expect United to beat Leicester. Maybe even with a four goal difference as they have done twice. For more details on this winning streak United are on and total number of winning streaks they and other teams in the league have had click here.

Ibra Kadabra is back wearing United jersey Rooney's number 10.

Manchester United and Ibrahimovic have both confirmed that he is signing on for another year with United. The 35-year-old striker scored 28 goals last season and retired from the campaigns prematurely after sustaining a knee ligament injury in a Europa League tie against Anderlecht. This happened after he had already helped United win the Community Shield, EFL Cup and Europa League last season, in an interview with ESPN he said that winning the Premier League title is a key factor in his decision to reject offers to move to another club.

Roho also got the same injury during the match, but it was milder and he is back in training with the first team, Luke Shaw, and Young also join him in training. They two haven’t played since spring due to injuries.

Zlatan who considers himself not human but a lion used the fact that lions heal faster than humans as a justification to make sure he is back on the pitch as soon as possible.

In his 15-25 years of playing football, he has never gone through a serious injury of this caliber that has seen him off the pitch for months rather than a couple of days.

He says it's a challenge and new to him but he is mentally strong and is training hard to be the best he can be, what the fans expect him to be, and even surpass that.

United striker Lukaku who is sporting the number 9, previously Zlatan's said he asked him for permission to wear it and believes it's a strikers number.

Well if you're into superstition or you aren't, it won't change the fact that Lukaku in the number 9 United jersey has scored three goals in two premier league matches. Zlatan also believes he can play well with Lukaku.

Zlatan will also be sporting a jersey of the great United player and former captain Wayne Rooney who scored recently playing for his new team Everton in a match against Manchester City.

Will United get a title this season?

United have started this season in great form, however the last time they were in the title race was under the legendary United coach Sir.

Alex Ferguson.

Jose Mourinho looks up to the task as he bought in new players who are playing well. He always wins the title in his second year in a new club.

Hopes most certainly are up, fingers crossed, lucky rabbit's feet purchased among other good luck charms as United fans pray for a winning season. They need to at least save face in conversations with other fans from other clubs.

We will have to wait and see what happens on Saturday the 26th at 12:30 PM Eastern Time.

Another great thing to be on the lookout for on the same day, Saturday the 26th of August is the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, in Las Vegas. The fight time is yet to be announced, however, it is expected to air around 27th August around 4-5 AM BST, 6 AM in Nairobi, and on the 26th of August 11 PM in New York.