It gives me great joy writing this article as I can vividly remember years back where everyone, even my mum, used to laugh at my choice of team to support in the EPL. Everyone was like 'change teams you can come to the winning side' and other similar conversations.

Now it's been a while, actually, the last time I saw United play and score these many goals was while it was still under its legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. It's the kind of football that to me feels like we are real contenders for the Premier League cup this year, if we can only maintain the momentum, wins and goal difference.

If that is our goal I am sure we will make it to the top, in a legendary 2017/18 season.

Today's gameplay during the matchup

The first half was interesting, however, it was goalless until the 45th minute when a shot from Paul Pogba which did not enter the goal. However, the ball was on the line and Bailly came to the rescue getting the ball in and at the same time getting his first goal ever for Manchester United since he was signed back in June 2016.

This first goal proved motivational for United and when they came back for the second half they continued keeping possession and trying to create as many chances as they could while at the same time defending properly. Later in the game, Mourinho made the same changes he did during the West Ham game where United came out of it with 4 goals - same as today.

He brought in Martial and Fellaini into the game subbing Rashford and Mata. Well, this gamble worked out for him as in the 80' minute Romelu Lukaku scored his third goal in two premier league matches securing a perfect record playing for the team. This wasn't enough for the United team as Paul Pogba got a chance in the 82' minute and scored a beautiful chip past the Swansea keeper making the tally 3 goals to Swansea's 0.

And then the cream to top it all off Antony Martial scored United's fourth goal, with world class composure he got past pressure from defenders and still got past the keeper making the last total tally of goals to 4. Today's match leaves Manchester United at the top of the table with two games played, two games won, and 8 goals scored in total.

So we have 6 points.

United side like a different machine from previous seasons

Manchester United began with playing a Super Cup matchup against Real Madrid where the end result was 2 goals for Real versus one for United. Now, this is a very good result considering that the next weekend Madrid met up with Barcelona and the end tally was 1 goal for Barcelona and 3 for Real Madrid in the first leg and 2 goals for Real Madrid and 0 for Barcelona.

This happened with star Ronaldo on the bench as he is facing a 5 match game ban for getting a red card and shoving the referee. Now we can all agree that Barcelona is a strong side and for them to get such a result from a match against Real Madrid that means United didn't play that bad and that Real Madrid is also a team on the winning path with plenty of mojo on their side.

Keeping that in mind plus the fact that Mourinho always wins the league on his second season with a team, we are well on our way. Now all to that remains is patience and hoping the United players remain focused, uninjured and inspired.

Happy Premier League season for all the fans out there. if you have any comment or suggestion feel free to leave it in the comment section below.