As we get closer to one of the most bizarre yet intriguing showdowns in sporting history, Mayweather vs Mcgregor, you would be forgiven for thinking there were no more surprises still to come.

On Wednesday during the last press conference before Saturday's mega-fight, World Boxing Council president Mauricio Sulaiman decided to add just a touch more glamour. He unveiled a ludicrous Money Belt which the winner will receive

The belt consists of 3,360 diamonds, 600 sapphires, 300 emeralds, 1.5 kilograms of solid, 24-karat gold, and alligator leather.

Fight could rake in almost half a billion pounds

The belt ultimately signifies a huge factor of why this fight is going ahead in the first place - Money. Both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are both famous for their lavish lifestyles which regularly consist of showing off their most expensive possessions, including cars and mansions.

Mayweather, whose nickname is in fact 'money,' seems to have found much joy in competing with McGregor for the title of most extravagant. During the New York press conference, Mayweather took a bag full of cash on stage with him before throwing the dollar bills all over Conor McGregor who sat there bemused. McGregor then responded with, "there all f**king ones, where's the real money at?"

Can UFC still afford McGregor

At the end of the day however, when the fight is over they will both be significantly richer.

Even though the exact payouts for both men will be kept a secret due to a non-disclosure agreement, it is estimated Conor McGregor will earn a reported $100m. Not bad for one nights work.

This does add pressure to UFC president Dana White as to whether he can keep his main star happy going forward. The payout for this fight is significantly more than anything McGregor has earned in the octagon so far and it is hard to see a potential fight that could pay as well in the UFC.

White even told reporters that the huge payout could result in retirement for McGregor with him adding, "whatever happens, I'm happy for him."

Conor McGregor became a dad for the first time earlier this year when his longterm girlfriend Dee Devlin gave birth to a baby boy. It therefore wouldn't be a huge surprise if McGregor wanted some time out from fighting to focus on his family.

Whatever happens on Saturday night though, it is sure to go down in sporting history. One of the greatest boxers ever will come up against one of the all round best martial art fighters. Let's hope the winner has enough energy to carry the belt home with them.