The Premier League is back and it is warmly welcomed. Football fans who were wondering what to do with their weekends are now happy they have some content for their sport hungry minds. Today's match created momentum for Manchester United for both the players and the fans. Securing a 4-0 win as their first premier league match against West Ham.

That's enough to garner your curiosity, first I found myself reading about what Thiery Henry had to say about Romelu Lukaku's performance, places he thought he could improve enabling him to be a more effective striker which converts to more goals and 30 minutes later I find myself looking at the longest win streaks in premier league history.

The answer is 14, and it wasn't United who hold the title, at least not in division one, that's held by Arsenal. Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Manchester City are on the 11 wins in a row streak list. Man United stands alone in the 12 wins in a row streak, Chelsea is also alone in the 12 wins in a row list with Arsenal topping the list during their February to August 2002 with 14 wins in a row.

One goal scored in the first half

The first half was a little slow although I have to admit there were some skilled passes being played by United, maybe some of that Super Cup magic they got while playing with Real Madrid - well, that's my theory. It was beautiful when employed and proved entertaining until the 33rd minute when Marcus Rashford's pass found Lukaku in the box and he shot past Joe Hart, who was hoping to break a record by earning 3 clean sheets in three openers.

This goal just before half time proved motivation for the United players as they headed into the half time break and demoralised the West Ham players.

Three more added in the second half

United came back with some fire as Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the 52nd minute provided an assist from a free kick which Lukaku headed past Joe Hart.

This now cemented United's position plus motivated the United players to look for goals for themselves. This came to pass much later in the game, though, not for lack of trying or defending.

During the 87th minute, a visualised assist from Mkhitaryan found Anthony Martial in a perfect position and he took it and got past Joe Hart to add to the United tally making it 3-0.

This looks like a healthy scoreline to start the league by any standards especially considering the clean sheet. Well, that's how many people were thinking but apparently not Paul Pogba.

Pogba seemed to really want to add his goal to the tally and he got himself into a nice position after a pass from Martial found him in the perfect position to score.

He released a shot which also got past Joe Hart in the 90th minute, making the final tally 4 goals for United and 0 for Westham. A happy ending earning a clean sheet for De Gea and the three United players who got their goals in.

The United transfers are proving their worth and they have a healthy start, now if we can only reduce the draws and add to the wins and reduce the losses, we're well on our way to the number one spot.

One thing is for sure, this will be an interesting premier league. Stick with us for more coverage and leave a comment below for any inquiries, suggestions or requests.