The pressure was all on Atlético's back this week. A great beginning seemed to point towards a great end for the team. Two goals in four minutes - Niguez at 12' and Griezmann at 16' - and Vicente Calderon looking at making a huge 'comeback'. This was not exactly what happened. Real Madrid may have had scary first 30 minutes, but it didn't last long.

The game

Vicente Calderon was a beautiful red and white tribute. The fans wrote lovely words showing love, support and respect to the team and the players. A nice moment to see! Atletico's fans believed in a miracle, and winning this game would mean a dream come true not only because it was the entrance to the champions league final, but also because it was against their greatest rivals.

Fernando Torres could have scored right after the second goal, and he got so close to it! In the first 9 minutes, Carrasco was pushed down by Casemiro inside the penalty area. The team claimed for the penalty, but the referee just ignored their request and kept the game in play.

That moment could have changed everything. Despite the brave start of Atletico, the visitors were playing better. Second half, Benzema easily passed through four defenders of Atletico. Clearly, Real was getting stronger and showing off their famous skills. And Isco was there to prove it, scoring at 42' and destroying Atlético's dream of winning the Champions League once again. Despite not being classified, Atletico were happy to win at home in the last game at Vicente Calderon.

The stadium will be demolished next year and Atletico will have a new home.

Juve vs Monaco

The night before, Juventus, in absolute control of the game and without any troubles, beat Monaco in a spectacular performance by Daniel Aves. He scored in the first-leg and last night, he assisted Higuain in the two goals he scored. Italian power was on the pitch, showing all their experience.

Juve's defence was better than ever, while the football they played was just divine. Monaco even had good moments of ball possession, especially in the last minutes, but they couldn't find a way to pass through the Italian defence. Juve were brilliant. Daniel Alves was definitely something else. The Brazilian player may have had the Barcelona fans wondering why he left, although he suited Juve as perfect as it could be.

He is a great addition to Brazilian National Team.

The Final

The best attack vs the best defence. What a final. What a game which truely beat everyones expectations. Cardiff will receive Real Madrid once again, but for juventus, this is a dream they have been waiting for for over 20 years. The amazing Wonderwall has been set up and Cristiano Ronaldo must be aware that passing through this defence won't be easy at all. It is a dream come true to the Old-Lady vs. an experienced winner to Los Blancos. This meeting is set for June 03, in Cardiff, UK.