How to describe the feeling of tonight. No one thought that would be easy, but at least possible. After what happened against PSG, seeing Barca beat Juve was a real possibility. As expected, Camp Nou was full of hope and faith. Barcelona started with its MSN as the main strategy. But there was the Old Lady. Armed like a wall. The best defense of the championship, if not of the world. Juve just needed to defend and that's exactly what they did. Nothing would pass through their wall, and in case it did, there was Buffon behind. Safe and confident.

Power Juve

Juventus were not shaken even for a second at the home of the opponent despite all the fans shouting. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, did not demonstrate the strength they had in the game against PSG. Even Messi and Neymar had their moments, however the home team had only two good moves that did not result in a goal. Disappointing Barca or Juve merit? There is no denying that Barcelona fell before one of the best teams in the Champions League. If the Old Lady will win, its another question. All four who have moved to semi-finals have good chances. However, after this game it is proof that Juve are contenders.

Real Madrid on shape

The night before was no different. Desperates hearts beating at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid had scary minutes when draw against Bayern and had to go to extra time. But, he was there to make sure. Cristiano Ronaldo turned the scoreboard in added time by scoring twice, enabling Real Madrid to qualify for another Champions League semi-final; the seventh in a row. The current champions has shown that it is very much alive in the championship and have the will to win.

The key point of the game was when Arturo Vidal was sent off and Bayern with only 10 men they couldn't resist the strength of the "killer attack" of Real Madrid.

Ballon D'or

Cristiano Ronaldo has his hands firmly on the next Ballon D'or, whether Real win the Champions League and La Liga or not. What the player has been playing in both competitions is unbelievable.

He completed the centennial goal in the Champions League and, once again, has a chance to lift the Champions League trophy. No less than that, Marcelo, who has been playing spectacularly, should also be recognized in FIFA nominations.

Semi Finals

Atletico Madrid after defeating Leicester has been drawn, once again, against their main adversary Real Madrid. Monaco, who defeated Dortmund, will face strong Juve. These are the semi-finals of the Champions League that promises to be amazing!