And so they meet again. Champions League's Semi-finals first leg, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid. The rivals and giants meet once again to fight for the championship. Disputed and exciting as everyone was expecting, but hurricane Cristiano ronaldo was the biggest 'bigaboo'.

Big Game

At 10', Ronaldo scored a header after Casemiro's ball from outside the area. Real took advantage thanks to its best player. No time for players to think about "what was going on", as 'Los Blancos' dominated the entire first half, leaving no space at all for the visitors, who felt the impact after taking the first goal.

They could have easily scored more in the first 45'. In the second half, Atletico seemed to be better and more confident. The ball didn't stop for one second, just like the fans had expected. The visitors had many good chances and plenty of ball possession, however, the strategy of Real was no more than perfect. Atletico couldn't complete a single pass inside Real Madrid’s penalty area in the first 60 minutes.

Losing for one goal difference wasn't that bad for the visitors. So, in the second half, Atletico was more defensive than in the beginning. The difference is that Real has the magician. Cristiano Ronaldo scored again at 73', further complicating the adversary's life.

Atletico needed a goal urgently and had to attack.

The more desperately they were, the lighter Real became. Despite the pressure, the homeowner didn't shake and, inspired, Ronaldo wanted more. The four-times best player of the world grabs his hat-trick at 86' and lead Los Blanco's closer to Champions League's final in Cardiff.

Curiosities about the match

Ronaldo scored his 87th goal for Real Madrid in 87 games.

Also, it’s now over 100 goals for the UCL. All records belong to the Real's master. It was a festival of yellow cards last night: Isco got one for Real and Svic and Saul got one each for Atleti. Coach Zidane never lost a match to Atletico Madrid during his playing days with Real Madrid, having won six and drawing two out of eight encounters.

It is not the end yet

Nothing is impossible when it comes to football, but we are talking about Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world and in the competition. Atletico could have scored, but their emotions were shaken. However, 'Clasico's are Clasico's' and Real Madrid versus Atletico is always a good surprise. Inside Vincent Calderon, the pressure will be different and it will come from the other side. A new scoreboard may appear. It’s not yet the end.