A win for Manchester United dedicated to #Manchester

Manchester United have now won three cups out of a possible five this season. They have done this despite having a tough time doing it, not only for the players but for the fans as well. Especially the dismal display in the premier league, it was like they didn't care what happened to them, they had their eyes set on other prizes. Manchester United player Juan Mata wrote in his blog, "The road was neither short nor easy, but we finally got our goal... Obviously, the atmosphere was very special due to the terrible attacks in Manchester just two days before the final, but that circumstance, instead of making us weak, gave us more courage to try to win and offer the title to the city."

When I read his remarks I take it as a reflection of not only him but other members of the United team, especially on the issue of the heartfelt condolences to the victims of the Manchester Attack.

At least trying to provide a sense of solace and motivation that even though sometimes things might decide to go haywire, there is still always strength to be found within us.

As the Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said in in an interview "My thoughts are obviously with the victims of the tragedy in Manchester and with the families. The tragedy is in my mind. Maybe this victory will bring some happiness to Manchester. But if I focus on the football side, I am really proud."

He also gave these reflections on behalf of transfer rumours and Wayne Rooney's future with the club "Wayne Rooney... He is a very important player for us if he stays next season I'd be very happy. Ed Woodward has had my list, what I want, what I would like, for more than two months.

So now it's up to him and the owners."

United to face Champions League winner in Skopje

FYR Macedonia will host its first UEFA club competition final in 2017 after the UEFA Super Cup was awarded to Skopje's National Arena Filip II of Macedonia.

The decision was taken last year to award the landlocked Balkan country its first major showpiece, which will be staged August 8th.

Now one of the winners of the game to be played this Saturday will be either Real Madrid or Juventus. With both teams being on top for their game it is quite difficult to foretell a possible winner in the UEFA Super Cup.

Match worth watching

It will, however, prove to be a match worth watching, as it will be against two winning teams.

This is a step up for United after it's downward spiral after legend manager Sir Alex Ferguson left the team. This now, however, provides hope for a brighter future with new bright players, loyal fans and great management. We do also have the honour of having all the trophies in world football! It truly feels right to end this article with this, Glory Glory Man United GGMU.