Kenyan's on August 8th held their elections and President Elect Uhuru Kenyatta was voted in for another term. The opposition NASA took it to the courts with a petition within seven days after the election.

The Supreme court has this whole week been listening to the presentations which ended on Tuesday evening and they deliberated till today an 11:30 am when they delivered their ruling.

Supreme Court invalidated Uhuru's election in a first in the African continent

No supreme court has ever judged against a sitting president, and this decision sets precedent, making it a first in Kenya and the entire African continent.

There were two dissents from Ndungu and Ojwang, they are also expected to give their full dissent report in 21 days.

Raila Odinga and his team are ecstatic, people in Kisumu his hometown and one of his strongholds and also in Mombasa were seen celebrating, hundreds on the streets, dancing, and chanting Raila slogans. People on the ground before his decision we're adamant that they will not wake up to go to the polls again after doing it so recently.

After this decision through I believe people will go to the polls for fear that if they don't people who support their preferred candidates opponent may show up in droves. That fear alone will be sure to make people line up in 60 days. That will be sometime in late November or September.

IEBC Officials to be prosecuted

Nasa leader and presidential aspirant Raila Odinga is among those people who are on the fore front of the prosecution of the IEBC officials who failed to give a free and fair election last time and will not work with them in the upcoming 60 days in running these new elections for Kenyans.

They say that if it will be hard to choose and collect viable replacements for these heads to conduct these new elections, they suggested the UN conducting these new elections.

It is not clear yet now what will happen in these coming 60 days since we no longer have a president elect nor a president.

We wait for the election date to be announced, and the next court case to be highly watched will the case against the IEBC officials involved in the vote tampering.

IEBC guilty, presidential aspirants all stand a chance to end up at the State House

This decision by the supreme court does not mean that Uhuru Kenyatta lost the previous election or that Raila Odinga won the election or either party tried to manipulate the results of the party.

What this outcome essentially does is it means that the IEBC was unable in the presidential election to carry out its mandate to provide a free and credible election. This means they are guilty and action needs to be taken against them. This also provides a golden opportunity for the new president to win fairly, ease tension and for his supporters to show up in droves in support.