Over the last six or seven years (although some Arsenal fans might say the last 13 years) Arsenal have promised so much, but delivered very little. 3 FA Cups in 4 years is an impressive achievement, but this side has so much more in it.

Same old story

The cycle is the same. They start the season with a defeat, usually at home. The fans revolt. Wenger buys a couple of players who he has been looking at for a while, but hasn’t been prepared to pay the asking price for. The side then goes on a winning run that takes them to - or at least within touching distance - of the top.

Then February arrives.

A couple of poor results in the league are accompanied by a last 16 exit in the #Champions League. Another couple of poor results in the league follow, until they are all but out of the title race. Still, the fans revolt. Then the team galvanises itself, goes on a winning run which usually (with this season being the only exception in the last 20 years) ends with them finishing in the top 4. And, in three of the last four seasons, an FA Cup is won.

BUT next season could put this cycle to bed once and for all. But only if Wenger stays.

Rivals riddled with uncertainty

Think about all their rivals and what needs to be spent to get things right. Both Manchester City and United need to spend upwards of £200 million to get close to winning the title.

Both probably will spend this, but whether they spend it wisely, only time will tell.

Tottenham have a season playing under the arch at Wembley where they have a woeful record. They’re also trying to keep hold of their players as the new stadium won’t come cheap. Liverpool, have 27 years of history against them. Plus, they need to ensure that if they get two or three injuries next season, that their title challenger doesn’t implode the way it did this season just passed.

And then there’s Chelsea. Worthy champions this season, but have the added distraction of Europe next year. Plus the usual transfer frenzy with Costa, Hazard and Courtois all being courted elsewhere. You feel they won’t have it quite their own way as much as they did this year.

No excuses

But Arsenal have to get everything spot on.

They MUST keep Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. At all costs. Big players attract more big players. And these are two of the biggest going. Wenger himself also needs to change. It’s admirable that he feels he should only pay the going rate for a particular player. If he feels a player is worth £30 million, then it seems he refuses to go above and beyond that figure. As I say, admirable, but in this climate, futile. Other clubs simply won’t flinch at paying £10-15 million above the true market value, as long as it means they get their man.

He must also try and get the business done early, to avoid the usual cycle as mentioned previously. It would ensure the players are given time to integrate into the squad, and settle of the pitch as well.

This would also ensure a feel good factor around the club from the fans. Make no mistake, the atmosphere at the Emirates was toxic last season and that didn’t help anyone.

Now if all of this can happen, (and you wonder if Arsene may sacrifice the Europa League early on, if he feels his team can last the pace in the Premier League), then they have a real chance of glory.

But with Arsenal, and Arsene, you just never know.