Manchester United and Liverpool are bitter rivals in the Premier League and both of them want the talent of 17-year-old striker Ben Brereton. The young Nottingham Forest player is the hottest new talent on the market right now, and it was reported by The Nottingham Post that "Senior scouts from the Premier League's biggest clubs were at Nottingham Forest's FA Youth Cup tie at Stoke City with Ben Brereton the player they were most likely there to watch."

Manchester wants him but talent scouts from lots of clubs are eyeing Brereton

Manchester and Liverpool might well want the player on their team, but scouts from Chelsea, Everton & Tottenham were also keeping an eagle eye on the young player's performance.

It seems that Manchester United have been considering putting in a bid for Nottingham Forest striker Ben Brereton for some time.

Liverpool may have put in an offer for Ben too

In the meantime, Liverpool has also made plans for an offer for Ben. The Metro reported that Liverpool is ready to make an offer, following a phone call by Jurgen Klopp. It will have to be a decent offer as Brereton only signed his most recent deal with Nottingham Forest on New Year's Eve. Nobody knows how long the new contract is for, but Nottingham Forest will more than likely sell him on for the right money.

Football Whispers wrote that Manchester United had enquired and were willing to pay over £1 million. Will Liverpool match this offer or not? Liverpool probably does not want to spend huge money on a player with lots of potential, but who is "nowhere near the finished product,"

Ben Brereton - the player

Ben Brereton has been playing sensation footy for the Forest's Under-23 side and managed to score 15 goals in 20 games.

Nevertheless, his play at the game against Stoke which so many scouts were watching ended in a tie and Ben failed to impress. Daily Star reported that he was "booked for diving and missing a couple of chances." However, this did not slow down the big clubs who want him on their team. The young man has a bright future in football any way you look at him.

Some of the football fans on twitter have been asking what he is like as a player and the responses seem to indicate that no matter what team he ends up playing for, the fans will be delighted to have him on their side. The young man is a rising star in football.