Wayne Rooney has been a hot topic for some time now and it seems that the Manchester United man can no longer be assured a place for club or country. The central problem is he is now not the goalscorer he once was, which sees him pushed back into the midfield.

However, equally he doesn’t give the sort of performance as a midfielder that is required. Therefore, the player is someone that still has skill and talent as well as the ability to play in different positions. Nevertheless, he isn’t quite good enough in any of those positions to hold down a regular place in the team.

1. Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City)

Riyad Mahrez was one of the real success stories of last season for Leicester City. This season in the Premier League he hasn’t yet shown his best form by scoring just one goal – but his form in the Champions League has been quite exceptional. The killer stats have been three goals, one assist as well as an average rating of 7.97.

Of course, there may be some concerns about his below-par form in the league this season, but he is still the same player from last season – and his European form is a clear indication to the quality he still has. At the age of 25, he could certainly play for Manchester United for a number of seasons and can play in different positions.

2. Luuk de Jong (PSV)

It’s always a bit of a risk to recruit players from Dutch football as the standard of the league isn’t seen as high as some other leagues in Europe. However, it’s certainly true that Dutch players have been successful in the Premier League in the past.

Luuk de Jong is also a player that has previous experience in English football as a result of a brief loan spell with Newcastle United.

In terms of this season, De Jong has been in exceptional form both is terms of the league and the Champions League.

In the league, he has scored three goals, provided three assists and has an average rating of 7.65 – but equally he has managed one goal, an assist and an average rating of 7.58 in Europe. The player can be used in a number of different positions and at the age of 26 and would certainly be a good investment for Manchester United.

3. Marco Fabian (Frankfurt)

There is no doubt that Marco Fabian is a player with exceptional talent and he could prove to be the ideal man to replace Wayne Rooney at Manchester United. A little about him is he is a 27-year-old Mexican international who is making waves in German football.

It’s often said that German football is somewhat similar to the Premier League so it’s a transition that Fabian may well be able to make. In additional to that, he is certainly a player that has made a great start to the new season. Some key stats include three goals, two assists and an average rating of 7.88.

4. Lucas Moura (PSG)

I’m sure most people would agree that Lucas Moura is an exceptional talent and would be a great replacement for Rooney.

The 24-year-old has certainly been showing some great form this season both in the French league and the Champions League.

The Brazilian international has scored five goals in the league as well as an average rating of 7.53 and in Europe he has scored one goal and provided an assist as well as an average rating of 7.94. He also plays an important park for his country in which he has played 36 times and scored four goals.

5. Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid)

It shouldn’t come as any major surprise that Antoine Griezmann makes the top spot. The player was arguably the standout player during the recent Euro 2016 tournament in which he scored six goals, provided two assists as well as an average rating of 7.84.

His form in La Liga this season has also been exceptional in which he has scored six goals, provided two assists as well as an average rating of 7.98. The 25-year-old is also a big player for France is which he has scored 14 goals in 38 games. The player’s form in Spain and his ability to play in a number of different position makes him the ideal replacement for Wayne Rooney.