Ok, so the bets are on for who's going to get sent off this weekend before the cut-off point for wiping the slate clean. My bet's on pretty much any player for any team, I'd like to say Costa or Pedro or Ibrahimovic or any of the 'diva' types, the cheaters and divers - hopefully anyway, they're normally favoured by the referees because normally they're terrified to do anything negative towards a diva players and I'm sick of it.

How often do you find yourself yelling, red faced, spilling your drink from jumping up, scaring the dog as you do, shouting at the officials that it was a sending off or a penalty or at least a booking, or the opposite when it's not!?

Now the cut-off point for yellow cards, cleaning the slate, is here and I'm wondering who's going to get sent off and how many of the sending offs will be right. After last weekend being filled with ridiculous mistakes in both the Premiership and the Championship I'm hoping the officials will be more vigilant, either that or they'll be more ruthless because they don't like the embarrassment!

Who's getting sent of this weekend?

So, who's going to get that penalty decision we're all going to be talking about on Monday?! My bet's on Chelsea having a penalty against Bournemouth - and I really hope Boruc saves it! Chelsea always get a penalty awarded and normally thanks to amateur dramatics of one of their divas!

I really hope Bournemouth beat Chelsea, if Palace can do it so can they, comeuppance for taking back their player they had on loan to Bournemouth - you know why they took him back? Because he was scoring so often for Bournemouth, are Chelsea playing him? No, of course not they just don't want anyone else to be doing well! I think you may have noticed that I'm not a Chelsea fan!

Now, as an avid Man United fan I'm quite relieved that we're without Smalling, Jones and Mata because they're highly likely to get booked! However, we still have Fellaini in there, so it's still possible we'll be one of the teams with a booking, maybe even a sending off! But we're still without Rooney which is an issue which I find ridiculous, why wouldn't you play you're one remaining legend?

Why would leave your best player out?

We desperately need him especially now. What is Mourinho thinking? He's already treated Schweinsteiger so badly he transferred. If you've read my other article you'll know how much this annoys me! Rooney is a legend and should be treated with much more respect than he appears to be. So, which team or referee is going to cause the most Controversy this weekend!?