During yesterdays match against Premier league team Arsenal, a reserve goalkeeper for Sutton United casually seen eating a 'pie' whilst his side ere 2-0 down. The 46-year-old ate the pie whilst watching on.

Speaking to BBC radio 4, Shaw told the radio station that he ate the pie as he was feeling 'light-headed'. But then went on to say it was 'a bit of fun'.

However, the incident appears more serious than it sounds as since the match, he was under investigating by the gambling association for allegedly being involved in a bet which would see him eat the pie at the match.

This is against Football Association's rules and is a serious offence.

Sutton reserve goalkeeper 'sacked'

Sutton Manager Paul Doswell showed a signed of dismay, saying after the game, "I don't think it shows us in the best light".

It truly didn't, as the team faced a series of backlash and criticism, which threatened to ruin the whole teams reputation.Paul Doswell went on further to say "I think Wayne's been swept along in the last few weeks and he's just made a very genius mistake".

"He's obviously going to Pay The Price for his mistake. The first I knew about it was when I was taken up to see the written press after the game". And the Sutton goalkeeper did pay the price which was the sack, although it was a rather quick and fair in Shaw's eyes as he agreed about the decision.

What's next for Sutton's Shaw?

What's next for the ex-Sutton goalkeeper? Hopefully, we will see him back on the field again whether its in this country or another country. His stunt has given him worldwide popularity with many broadcasters covering the error that the goalkeeper made last night.

It could be said that Sutton and Shaw himself though are now known for the wrong reasons.

Shaw certainly embarrassed the team last night, after they put up a good fight against Premier League opposition. but was it fair for the Sutton manager to give him the sack?

I'm Shaw many of you are torn between whether it was the right decision or not, as he did break the rules beyond eating a pie on the pitch.