The 2017 edition of the Australian Open is already on the roll having the qualifying matches in play. Meanwhile, the main draw came up and there are some interesting matches in the early stages of the tournament. At a quick glance, the upper half of the draw reveals some huge potential clashes. This year, Roger Federer, a 4 times winner in Melbourne, will have a difficult task ahead due to the low ranking prior to the draw. He is set to play a qualifier in the opening match but from that point on things are getting way harder for the 35-years-old champ.

Federer will face fierce opposition

There is no secret that when it comes to a Grand Slam event, every single player will put in the best possible Tennis. Such an event represents the best way of getting ranking points as well as significant money reward. Above all, in order to win a match a player must win at least 3 sets and for a 35-years-old player, it`s going to be an extra effort to add up.

According to the draw, if he gets past the first round, Federer will have another easy match as he is set to play to another qualifying player but his luck ends right there. In the 3rd round, Federer might play against the Czech no. 1 Tomas Berdych, a skilful player who can make a hard day to anyone.

If he gets there, Federer must play at a high level if he wants to surpass Berdych in a minimum of sets. Playing at a Grand Slam also involves a different type of strategy with all the top players making a great effort in trying to win each encounter in 3 sets. The fatigue is something to expect at when you aim to win several matches in a row in such a short period of time.

In the 4th round, things might be even harder having the Japanese no. 1 Kei Nishikori as a potential opponent. The world no. 5 is well known for his tremendous skills on the tennis court as well as his great fitness capabilities.

A clash with Murray would be an amazing show to watch

When it comes to Federer vs Murray matches there are so many things to say.

Their rivalry is almost a decade long. So far, these 2 players have 25 matches played against each other and while Federer has the upper hand with 14 successes, Murray has shown great improvements lately overthrowing Djokovic from the ATP highest summit.

If both players are going to play at their highest level a quarterfinal featuring Federer and Murray will be a delightful and highly anticipated encounter.