Dimitri Payet could change his club from West Ham to Liverpool

Rumors say that Dimitri was mad when West Ham turned down a £20 million bid from his former club Marseille.

If we are going to talk about this it will be way better if we know a bit of history from Liverpool. So first of all, What is Liverpool? Well, is a Premier League association Football club based in Liverpool, Merseyside, England.

Liverpool was the ninth highest-earning football club in the world for 2014–15, with an annual revenue of €391 million, and the world’s eight most valuable football club in 2016, valued at $1.55 billion.

For Dimitri to leave his old club West Ham he had to say that he has a back injury. (That is a pretty good bail)

Payet still has to finish his last month of the contract and after that he is free to go, even though West Ham's Manager doesn't want that because Payet is one of his best Players (And sometimes letting go from people that you invest too much money into is kinda hard and painful.)

Slaven Bilic, West Ham's current Manager Speaks.

Slaven Billic said: "We have said we don't want to sell one of our best players but Dimitri Payet does not want to play for us.

He also gave more comments like:

"We gave him a long contract because we want him to stay." "This team, the staff, we gave him everything, we were always there for him.

I feel let down. I feel angry." (I would also be angry but i mean c'mon these people have millions of euros, they can just give Payet anything that he needs so he can be back in the club)

Thoughts and Opinions

Well, I think that he did a good choice because if West Ham really wanted and valued him as a player then they would have denied him the 20 Million of Euros for his former club Marseille.

Maybe Payet is going to get better results with Liverpool and maybe they can be friendlier that West HamThink about this and make your own opinion.

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