Michael Wayne Atha also known as Yelawolf is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist. Most of his songs are based on his Personal experiences/life, some of his songs are kind of calmed (not to mention a few one like Growin' up in the Gutter, Till it's Gone and some others)

The Former Artist Yelawolf had a mental breakdown in one of his concerts during his Trial by Fire tour, we really don't know why he acted this way (Maybe he was just tired, maybe he actually has mental problems since he was a little kid, or he was being pushed way too hard by his fans that he just snapped off).

The Artist's behavior is really surprising and shocking because he usually doesn't act that way which really impress his fans.

Sadly, i can't put the video in here because of what he says and that would be against the rules, you can find the video on Social Media or another Platforms like YouTube we can see what happened to him during the concert and what he said... (Warning, he does Swear or Cuss, however you like to call it)

My final and personal thoughts on this Yelawolf article

Yelawolf's break down is like really really bad for his fans (including me) because maybe that means that we won't get the same quality of songs that he used to make, maybe they'll be crazier than before. But it's good that he just had a Breakdown and he didn't kill himself because that'll be like so bad, I mean there are a lot of artists that killed themselves and we miss them a lot so I don't want Yelawolf's to be a part of that list.

I hope that Yelawolf gets the help that he needs so he can get through this without a problem. I can keep listening to Eminem with his new songs but Yela will be missed. Also, now that we are here, we are waiting for his new Album Trial By Fire, we still don't know when it'll be dropping but me hope that it's soon and that it's awesome, I actually want Eminem to make another song with Yela, like Best Friend, that song was DOPE! That's it for this article, hope you like it and I'll make more so you read them soon!