Rewind to just little over a week ago, things were so different for Manchester United and their “Special One”. Joint top of the table in the Premier League and praise was coming in from everywhere for the spectacular signings and change of mentality. However, the old saying of “a week is a long time in football” came true. Defeats against Manchester City, Feyenoord and Watford have stunned the Old Trafford faithful. Now, criticism and questioning are coming in from all angles towards the Red Devils. Even though things look bleak for Manchester United now, only one man can rescue them from this rut, José Mourinho himself.

He cannot change the club so quickly

Before Mourinho’s appointment was made public at the end of May, fans of Manchester United were becoming disillusioned with the actions and performance of the club. Only making the top 4 once in 3 years was a major shock for a club that had never finished outside the top 3 since the Premier League era began in 1992. Unattractive football, unexplained tactics have been characteristic of the past week for Mourinho’s men. However, this has been characteristic of the past three years for United. Not even the Special One can bring about a drastic change in just three months. People’s expectations were unrealistic simply because of his record in the past 15 years, but this must be tamed down.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson took three years before winning his first trophy and then went on a winning spree like no other. Fans will hope this happens now.

New signings need time to gel

The stellar signings of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba was expected to bring the fear factor back for the club. In Pogba’s debut, this was definitely evident, with Southampton seemingly overawed by the power of the Red Devils.

However, since then it has been difficult for this players to weave their magic and influence the game dramatically. Some people criticised Pogba’s performance in the Manchester derby as reckless and Jamie Carragher thought it was like a school kid in the playground. But, people do not realise all of the things that need to come together in order to perform on a Saturday afternoon.

The players’ mentality, desire and focus needs to be maintained in a way to bring their best on match day. With Mourinho having astonishing success with many players before, fans will hope this can happen again with Pogba.

The Premier League is different

Since Leicester City’s remarkable story last season, the landscape of English football has seen a dramatic change. Their title victory has given every club hope that one day their dream can also become a reality. On any given day now, a team embroiled in a relegation battle can beat a title-chasing side. This could not happen 10 years ago, when the top clubs were the only sides that could beat the other. Therefore, Mourinho cannot be expected to win and perform well in every game, even though that is the impossible goal he sets every year.

There will be times when he fails to deliver on his tactics, and also his team may not perform as desired. But, people must trust his ability as it has been shown on the world stage over the last 15 years. He will deliver sooner or later, that is for sure.

As fans become increasingly worried over the form of their beloved side, José will hope he can do the same las he has done in his previous clubs.