Smart phones have always been a trending topic in this gadget-philic World in recent times. In this parallel world of gadget habitation, the zenith has always been the seat for the iPhone of Apple Inc. which is synonymous to suave and standard. On 16th of September 2016 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched succeeding iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus as the spearhead of the series. The basic design is identical to iPhone 6S but the performance and integration is on a whole new level that just compels the outcry “This is 7”.

The last quarter festivities of a year incessantly ensnare every smart phone maker but 2016 stood witness to the new page of Google Inc.

history as they came out with their very own new smart phone series Pixel. google pixel and Google Pixel XL were launched on 20th October with Android 7.1 Nougat and an array of new salient features to take the fight to the iPhone series in this battle for supremacy.

iPhone 7 with IOS 10 incorporated is a water and dust resistant aluminium encased 4.7” display phone that comes with five colour variants and three ROM variant models. The out of the box feature of this device is no port for headphone jack and the fingerprint scanner integrated capacitive mechanised new home button. Aside this retina HD led display, 12 MP rear and 7 MP front Sony cameras with true tone flash and live picture mode, well defined sensors are some of the other attractive upgrades.

Pixel’s first look most certainly engraves a fact on the onlooker’s mind that Google has every intention to topple the hierarchy. The phone is a sleek, round edged with 5” display with three colour and two ROM variants. The most mind-blowing feature of Pixel is not only the vocalised Google Assistant that provides user with all technical support but also Google Daydream virtual reality system.

The 4 GB RAM and fast charging feature along with unlimited cloud free cloud storage for life will give iPhone 7 a run for its money.

Though Pixel is a newbie against competition hardened iPhone 7, still being in same price range will certainly make users spoilt for choice, as far as features are concerned. The initial sales review by Forbes shows both smart phones have met their primary target with quite ease.

The market is still in its teen, the battle between Google Inc.’ s Pixel and Apple Inc.’s iPhone 7 has just commenced, will the Google Pixel emulate a David successfully versus its mass endured Goliath popularity of the I-phone, it remains to be seen.