Manchester United finally showed some promise in tonight's game at Anfield.The usual lacklustre and boring performances scrambled together with missed passes and blunders seemed to ebb away to show a Manchester team that worked together and came away with a valuable point at Liverpool.

By no means, however, does that mean the team was perfect, the stats suggest anything but from Manchester, with possession at only 35% and only 1 shot finding its target there is still plenty of work to do.However let's focus on some positive aspects as, throughout the match, the defence showed real potential.

The first fifteen minutes

The first 15 minutes were all Manchester in Liverpool's half, so much so at times Liverpool looked nervous and every second ball seemed to pop to a Manchester player. It was capped off with a long range shot from Paul Pogba, sailing high into the stands, but this is something we have come to expect from the striker since coming to Manchester. It would appear that his impact is still to be felt on this team. However, he has shown signs of being able to link up with one good summer signing in Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Liverpool would have been looking for the Manchester dip in intensity that is spoke of so much however it did not seem to come for them as the red devils pressed.

First cross chance

29 minutes Liverpool played before their first chance came from a Henderson crossto Roberto Firmino. However, when all was said and done they might as well have passed the ball to United's keeper De Gea, as the header went straight into his accepting hands.

From then on the match seemed to go to sleep with some good passing shown ut neither team really making much of an attempt on goal till the half time whistle blew.

Minute fifty four

54 minutes gone and Ibrahimovic had a wonder of a chance after Pogba picked him out with a cross but Ibrahimovic simply sent the ball off his head and harmlessly across the face of goal. A poor effort but the idea was solid;unfortunately for the fans, the execution, anything but.

Noteworthy play

Manchester United can always depend on one player in the squad to pull something noteworthy, and that is De Gea, and boy did he ever, in the form of a spectacular save at 59 minutes in.

Liverpool's Emre Can dribbled through theManchester defence and drove a low shot towards the right bottom corner, but De Gea pulled the amazing and pushed it away, against the odds. Most premier league keepers that kind of shot goes up against and your team would find themselves a goal down.

Another real chance

Liverpool seemed to find a little comfort with the addition of sub Lallana, but still, Manchester kept the passing going. Liverpool had yet another chance saved at 74 minutes from Coutinho, after his 25-yard shot, which seemed destined for the top corner was saved by De Gea. Liverpool started to show some promise, but all in all, it was too late. Overall it seemed that unlike the last meeting Liverpool were the lackluster team, even though Manchester did pass well they could never find that all important finish and in truth never looked likely to.

A boring game in summary

In summary, this was a boring game, but there is hope for Manchester fans, as the defence seems to be gelling and Pogba seems to be coming out of his shell more in the link up with Ibrahimovic.Promising but more work needed,