Liverpool and Manchester United played this Monday night (17) in Anfield. The Football game closed matchweek 8 and ended up with a goalless draw.

As it was, the Reds dominated completely but failed to overcome the defense put up by Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese manager owes a big Thank You togoalkeeper David De Gea, who got his hands to the precious League point the Red Devils brought from Anfield.

Liverpool, meanwhile, lost 2 points and the chance of overtaking Tottenham and matching Arsenal and Manchester City on top of the Premier League Table.

The game was so one-sided that the vast majority of comments in Twitter were about fans disappointment. We've picked some out.

Much anticipated duel ends in anti-climax

These were the words of Alan Shearer, himself.

Lots of fans underlined theboring nature of the game, without goalsand with United not able to mount a serious response.

BBC 5 live Sport raised a vital stat: this was United's worst game ever, speaking of ball possession, with only 35%.

This is atypical indicator that one team spend most of the time defending, and a 65%-35% possession is usually seen in games between teams of different leagues.

The Red Devils also made a single shot on goal through the entire game.

ESPN UK, in a funny andsincere way, apologised.

The critics of Jose Mourinho also made their voices heard.

The manager is known, specially over the last years, to apply a defensive style to his teams, and someare not forgiving that.

Others did the same, but in a more ironic way.

David deGea: "Man of the Match"

If most people were bored, those who appreciate every piece of football were all eyes to United keeper De Gea.His efforts delivered stunning pics.

And the Premier League twitter account:

Yet, The Week:

What's in it for Jose Mourinho's future in the Theatre of Dreams?

In spite of the recent failure at Chelsea (not only defending the 2015 title, but also seeming to loose hand, with the Eva Carneiro case), were still very far of an eventual Mourinho's demise at United.

You may consider that there is a crisis, but the RedDevils are only 5 points away from the top of the table. The season started quite balanced among the big squads (set aside the reigning champions, Leicester City). Moreover, if you think that "The Special One" has the profile to bein charge of United for the next few seasons, like Sir Alex Ferguson, than you can acknowledge that it's not such a dreadful start.