Christmas is here, and so is "Home Alone" with Macaulay Culkin. Even if this isn't the case anymore, it has been quite like since the movie was release, in 1990, and later "reinforced" with "Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York." And so it was that, eventually, people got tired of it. That's the main idea behind the latest commercial starring Cristiano Ronaldo, on a Portuguese cable and mobile provider, where he and his mother, Ms. Dolores Aveiro, depict a mockery of "Home Alone," with the four-time Ballon d' Or playing as Macaulay Culkin. The commercial quickly turned viral on Portuguese social media, not only for the big popularity of "CR7", but also because everyone saw "Home Alone" more than once, or twice.

Some observers noted that the commercial is even funnier because Ronaldo is not playing an actor or some kind of "persona" like he does in his footwear commercials - or even when he scores a goal and celebrates. He and his mother seem to be genuinely mocking the movie that, very likely, themselves have watched like "hundreds" of times. And the audience feels like laughing at the scene with them.

'Home Alone'

"Home Alone" was a huge hit and is, with justice, considered of the most important Christmas film of all time. However, it's fame brought it too much exposure, at least in Portugal. Over the next two decades after his release, the movie was a mandatory exhibition in Portuguese televisions, either on Christmas evening or after lunch on Christmas day.

Add to its success the fact that television became rather conservative, in a season where most of their professionals take a winter break and TV audiences, themselves, would not have consistent results; this simple, easy to watch movie was for everyone in the family, considered the perfect choice.

It was only around 2010 that it stopped being shown in this season.

Inevitably, people become tired of watching the same movie every year.

This was even not the first time that Portuguese marketeers mocked the long and exaggerated exhibition of the film during the season. In 2015, a cable operator and mobile provider showed a commercial where a child complained to her dad that it was time to install cable TV, rather than relying on regular broadcast television; because that would mean watching something like "Home Alone," and "it's 2015!"