Christmas is here! Over the next hours, millions of people will start preparing their traditional Christmas dinner, children will be playing with their brothers, sisters, and cousins, and grand-daddys will turn emotional while watching how their grand-children are growing. However, for lots of people, there are still some gifts to buy. Some were waiting for the best ideas for gifts for that specific person; others simply did not have the time. Let us going to help you with this last-minute gift ideas so that you can save Christmas!

Excellent last minute gifts

  • If your friend or relative just loves Star Wars, search for Death Star ice cube molds. It's cheap, easy and true fans will be delighted.
  • Does he or she love music? You could get some wireless, noise-cancelling headphones. This is the kind or item that suffers a lot of attrition, due to daily use; so, even if it's not necessary right away, for sure it will be a good one for the future.
  • If your friend likes to read but you're not comfortable about what would he like, go for knowledge. The "Atlas Obscura" is a website presenting itself as a "friendly tour-guide to the world's most wondrous places." It has now turned itself into a book.
  • A stainless steel mug is useful for everyone, especially those who wish to keep their coffer close, and warm.
  • Do you know that person who loved "Dr. House" TV series but wasn't quite capable of watching all the episodes? Perhaps they missed season 2, or the final part of season 5. Well, you can solve that by checking the full "Dr. House" series, in DVD or Blu-ray.Don't be afraid of the DVD going obsolete; after all, when it is a cul series, the owner will treat it properly.
  • These days, you ought to give a present aimed at the person's real taste or pleasure, not things for doing housework. But each situation is unique. That couple friend of yours that has 3 children and no time left whatsoever would appreciate to receive a robotic vacuum cleaner as every bit of help is welcome. If you find that too expensive, and if you they're ok with alcohol, you can always go with a bottle of Port of Madeira wine.