Aussie siblings Germein hail from Adelaide and are made up of Ella (bass, electric cello), Clara (drums) and Georgia (guitar, keys). The talented trio recently finished a 15 date tour with girlband Little Mix and this summer they are touring the UK. If you like strong artists like Haim, Chvrches and Tegan & Sara, then you'll definitely want to give Germein a listen.

Here they chat about their music plans and life on the road

How long are you touring the UK for, this summer?

"We are gigging here until the end of August, then we go to Germany, so almost three months.

It's exciting. We love the British crowd, after supporting Little Mix on tour, we were welcomed so much by audiences in the UK, and the festivals are so big over here compared to Australia. Playing the Isle of Wight festival is just amazing."

You recently rebranded from the Germein sisters to just Germein, was there a reason behind that?

"Not really, we just wanted to keep it simple, people already pretty much know we are sisters, and it's a fun thing to find out if they do ask. There was a few misconceptions that we were a soul sister band or a folk band."

Is it difficult working together and being related?

"It definitely goes up and down, in a family you have fights, but we are lucky that we get on very well and we can work through our differences, we knew which buttons not to press.

The hardest thing for a lot of bands is been away from their families and for us it's the opposite. When we get home, we can't be further enough away from each other."

How do you spend your downtown on tour?

"Definitely sleeping; also, we like to take a look around the cities we visit, but sometimes on the road, we don't have chance to see the attractions in the places we are staying.

We got so excited the other day just seeing a wild fox and a squirrel, we don't have them in Oz. Probably like when you guys see koala bears."

Who is the biggest partier on tour?

Georgia & Clara: "Ella"

Ella: "I just like to enjoy myself. There is a lot of hard work in touring and if we can have fun, we might as well. I've got a funny story from the Little Mix tour.

We where at the afterparty and there was a hidden step at the nightclub, and I'd only had two glasses of prosecco and I completely stacked it in front of all the girls and the crew - it was so embarrassing. It was my first time at a really cool party, and I made an idiot of myself."

Are you friends with the Little Mix girls?

"They were really supportive, it was very hectic backstage, and we didn't always get to see them, but when we did, they were so lovely. The Rack-Su boys are really nice, and we hung out a lot with them. It was a fun tour. We'd definitely be friendly if we saw Little Mix again, but they are bigger than the Spice Girls now."

You can catch the Germein performing on the Hard Rock stage at the Isle of Wight festival on Sunday 16th June for their 4th consecutive year.