After just nine days, Sherif Lanre, a competitor of "Love Island", officially left the show for breaking the "rules of the villa". This was the communication provided by the producer, at least according to the opinion of a spokesman for the ITV. The exit of Sherif Lanre would have been agreed between the production of the show and the same competitor. Sherif said in a statement that his decision to abandon the program is due to his "poor judgment".

Sherif Lanre: 'I didn't conduct myself in the right way'

Sherif Lanre has specified: "I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa".

It has not been revealed what actions led to his premature abandonment. The boy however pointed out that he had not behaved in the right way, so it could be a personal repentance, then confessed to the production. "I regret that I did not behave correctly, as a 20-year-old boy should do, I will learn from these mistakes", emphasized Sherif Lanre, but very vague about what actually happened. Sherif Lanre also pointed out that he would make up for lost time with his show friends once the latter's experience on Love Island was over.

Many expect new revelations from the competitor in the show's programs. But a source has revealed to Express that Sherif Lanre will not be present on Love Island: Aftersun, the program that talks about the events and characters of the reality show.

Undoubtedly its release will be discussed in the next episode of Love Island 2019: Aftersun, but probably by the guests and not by the person directly concerned. It should be noted that even the family would not be aware of the issue, so even their appearances on television may not really clarify what happened within the show.

Sure, even Sherif's family will want to understand what happened to their loved one.

The decision of the Love Island contestant

The surprise exit surprised everyone, as the boy at the entrance to the show thought he would bring a serene atmosphere to the game. A decision that is in line with the recent changes made by the production after the death of two former competitors of Love Island.

The 2019 edition was therefore also designed to ensure support for participants even after they leave the game. The first witness of such support is Alex George, competitor in 2018. There are rules on nudity, sex, mobile phones and smuggling that islanders must respect in order not to risk being expelled. The exit of the competitor could then be linked to one of these reasons: probably will be revealed in the coming days. We just have to wait for the next news on Love Island 2019.