Sunday night's Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) special of Channel 4's 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' saw the Celebs get taught a lesson in trust and teamwork. Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton telling the camera "For a majority of Celebrities they'll be used to looking after the number on," while Mark 'Billy' Billingham shared his experiences as a 'Personal Bodyguard' for Hollywood stars such as; Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruise. Also sharing the fact that many Celebs find it hard to trust and constantly worry about who might sell a story on them.

Their first lesson in trust saw the Celebs put into pairs chosen by the DS to see how well they worked together while TV Presenter, AJ Odudu was once again partnered with 'Made In Chelsea' star; Sam Thompson, Ex-footballer Wayne Bridge was paired with former Olympian Victoria Pendleton.

As pairs, the Celebs were made to spend all of their time together, including pushing their bunks together so they could sleep next to each other. To further test their skills as a pair, the Celebs were sent on a 3km trek and made to pull Pulks with 65kgs or weight attached to them. Although it was a race with Foxy telling the group "The last pair will not be getting in the transport," the DS focused on how well they all worked with their partners.

While #8 Wayne and #5 Victoria worked well together and were at the head of the pack, #3 Jeff Brazier, a TV Presenter and #7 Camilla Thurlow; "Love Island" showed what not to do. Camilla struggled after one of her snow grips broke, meaning that she was unable to continue, but rather than stopping to help her, Jeff continued on with the trek solo.

In the end, it was down to DS Ollie to help mend her grip before helping her catch up with Jeff and calling him on for leaving her behind.

Foxy telling the camera "Leaving your partner on a mission is probably the worst f***ing thing you could ever do," also stating that it is easy to get stranded in extreme environments, before revealing that during his time as a Special Forces Soldier he had once carried one of his dead fellow Soldiers during one of his missions.

Alpha vs Bravo

As is typical for 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' the Transport drove off just as the Celebs reached the end of their trek, leaving them stranded in the snowy conditions. The pairs were then split up into two teams with resident weak link #12 Sam leading Team Alpha while #11 AJ led Team Bravo, as they built snow shelters around their bergens.

Much to the disappointment of the DS, Sam took a laid back approach to lead his team with little instruction. When he was called out for his poor leadership by Ollie and Foxy, Sam once again gave them attitude and talked back to them rather than listening to what they had to say. However, AJ proved herself to be a strong leader as she and Team Bravo built the perfect shelter that fit all five team members perfectly while only three members of Team Alpha were able to fit in theirs.

After their landslide win, Team Bravo were able to return to "Base Camp" where they received a hot meal and were able to sleep in their bunks. Meanwhile, the losing Team Alpha were made to stay in the shelter built by Team Bravo due to the lack of room in their own shelter.

But, after receiving news of a potential avalanche the losing Celebs were also returned to "Base Camp" for safety reasons.

Learning to trust

Before starting the 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' course the Celebs were put through "Psychologically Testing" leading them to be concerned about one Celeb in particular; Wayne Bridge, who despite being the physically strongest Celeb had clear confidence issues that Ant and Medic; Sandeep showed concern about in Sunday's episode.

After being brought in to chat with Ant and Sandeep, Wayne broke down in tears revealing that he had been taken advantage off in the past financially and also struggled to open up about his feeling in his everyday life. Ant reminding him "You have to learn to trust your teammates otherwise you won't make it."

Later that night Jeff was brought in for "Tactical Questioning," after his poor performance in the pairs trek, with the DS telling him they thought his was selfish and "Not a natural team player," to which Jeff took offence, the single-father telling them "I'm responsible for the lives of three people on a daily basis."

The episode ended with one final test of trust, as the Celebs had to participate in a "Freefall Abseil" with their partners, with one half of the pair freefalling while the other acted as "Break Man." AJ who was partnered with Sam who had let her down last week and caused her to have a medical emergency, Ant telling her "You are f***ed number eleven," with no one in the group having any confidence in Sam to save AJ.

However, for the first time on the course, Sam proved himself capable as he managed to "Break" AJ in time and avoid her being injured. But Jeff and Camilla once again showed their struggle to bond as they had trouble being pulled back up the rock face by their fellow Celebs, leading to a cut to Camilla's hand that meant she needed medical treatment.