The second episode of Channel's SU2C, Celebrity special of "SAS: Who Dares Wins" was rightly titled "Weakness," as the Celebrities were pushed to their physical limits and beyond. Starting off with an early morning game of what the Staff likes to call "Murderball," which saw the Celebs split into two teams and made to fight each other in the cold mud to take ownership of a large truck tire.

Jason 'Foxy' Fox watched on as the men and women struggled with the cold to "Stand up. Suck it up." None of the staff letting up on any of the Celebs whose physicality, fitness and strength were tested throughout the game.

Back at "Base Camp", the Celebrities were reminded that there was no access to a hot shower or bath, instead, they were forced to wash in a few outdoor sinks in front of each other. Something that TV Presenter; Jeff Brazier had no embarrassment about as he told his fellow Celebs "Right, I'm getting my c**k out," before stipping off his clothes as his wondered around camp naked.

Medical emergencies

As is typical of the show the Celebs were made to face their fears head-on, Billy telling the camera "There are no obstacles in the world that will stop us." As the Celebs were asked to climb up a 60m rock face before having to descend it in a "Forward Abseil," which all the Celebs were able to complete as they overcame their fears.

Despite showing strength through overcoming fear, "Loose Women's" Andrea McLean had struggled with the cold since her arrival and after Ant saw the rest of the Celebs surrounding her to keep her warm, made the decision to send Andrea off with Medic; Sundeep in an Ambulance to receive emergency medical care.

Late that same night Andrea was returned to "Base Camp" where she slept in the medical unit and remained under observations.

Meaning that Ant had to have a conversation with her about her remaining in the process, but her diagnosis of "Hypothermia" left Andrea with only one choice "I've made peace with the fact that my time here is done." Ant telling her "You should be extremely proud of yourself."

However, the remaining ten Celebs had not time to mourn her departure as they were faced with a 5km uphill race in teams of two.

Adding to the pressure was the fact that they were made to carry their bergens, a log and two tires which they were not allowed to drop or harm in any way as they replicated the weaponry a typical "Special Forces Soldier" would carry.

Presenter; AJ Odudu who was paired with Sam Thompson was clearly struggling from the start as she carried both tyres, her Bergen as well as Sam's meanwhile he carried only the log which weighed significantly less, which he also continually dropped through the race. The pair came in last place thirty-minutes after the winners and their mistreatment of their 'Equipment' lead to everyone receiving anAs intense "Beasting"

As the "Beastings" continued it was clear that AJ was struggling more and more as she failed to keep up and needed the help of her fellow Celebs to get through.

Unfortunately, AJ then collapsed and one of the medic's had to come to her aide as in a scary moment her eyes began to roll in the back of her head. In the second medical emergency of the show, AJ was also taken off in an ambulance.

Once back at "Base Camp" Ant and his Staff had to decide whether she could stay since she was unable to complete the day's tasks. However, all of them recognised that she was strong and that her suffering was due to Sam's lack of teamwork throughout the day and was no fault of her own.

Billy gets Mad

One Celebrity who was noticed by the Staff for all the wrong reasons was, 'Made In Chelsea's' Sam Thompson. Ant telling him "You're highlighting yourself for all the wrong reasons," as he was brought in for a round of "Tactical Questioning."

Earlier in the show Ant had pulled Sam to one side to give him a telling off for his behaviour and argumentative nature towards Ant and his Staff.

Ant telling the camera "If you come with any form of arrogance... I will drop you down from that high horse."

But the biggest surprise came from Mark "Billy" Billingham who is the previous series of the show has been one of the more quiet leaders, though his looks have always been intimidating. However, on Sunday night Billy lost his cool with Sam as he shouted at him "You have too much of a f***ing privileged life" before going on to yell "Have a f***ing word with yourself." Leaving Ant lost for words and Sam looking shocked before being reunited with his fellow Celebs.