Day 18 has come and gone after the release of "Petta" on January, 10. The Film is a stupendous hit and proves that Rajinikanth is not just a superstar confined to Tamil Cinema but has a pan-India reach and is a global superstar. India Today has reported that the film is super hit and is inching towards the Rs 250 crores (GBP 26.7 million) mark at the worldwide box office.


Credit for the success of the film should also go to director Karthik Subbaraj. The film is having a dream run and proves that Rajinikanth is a one-man show and any movie will run on his name only.

It is a matter of pride for him that his last six films have all crossed Rs 100 crores (GBP 10.6 million).

The film is vintage Rajinikanth at his best, and his fans have loved it. Rajinikanth is well past 60 but that does not affect his popularity, and people like to see him romancing the much younger Trisha, who is the heroine of the film. She doesn't have much to do as Rajinikanth hogs the limelight. An important point that proves Rajinikanth is the number one superstar is the film "Petta" has surpassed Ajith's "Viswasam" which was running neck to neck with "Petta" at the Chennai box office in Tamilnadu.

A superstar

No Mumbai star has been able to match the successive hits of Rajinikanth. In addition, the recent flops by Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan have only proved that Rajinikanth is much above these Mumbai stars.

Most Mumbai stars will envy the success of Rajinikanth. As it stands, only Akshaye Kumar can be considered to be in contention.

He also played second fiddle to Rajinikanth in "2.0" another super hit from the star down south.

Pinkvilla has reported that the film "Petta" is not only doing good business in India but also internationally. Trade analyst Ramesh Bala has brought out, that the film has collected Rs 3.54 crores (GBP 0.37 million) in the UK at the end of 12 days of its release in theatres.


Rajinikanth had planned to enter politics, but perhaps his political ambition will take a back seat.

In any case, he has done nothing in that field with the general election just weeks away. Probably he will continue his film career as he has signed more films. One star who entered politics in Tamilnadu is Kamala Hasan, but he is not likely to have an impact. In any case, he was always second to Rajinikanth.

A phenomenon

The success of the Tamil films also dubbed in Hindi is a shot in the arm of the film industry which aspires to be number one in the world, a position occupied by Hollywood. In the end, one can say that Rajinikanth is a phenomenon and his "Petta" has proved he is the king. It will be some decades when another superstar of his stature emerges.