Channel 4 kicked off 2019 with 'The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited' a special that sought to celebrate ten years of the much loved, coming of age sitcom. The Reunion chat show brought back the four main Cast Members; Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison, as well as a variety of other Cast Members who played a role in the iconic British series.

However, not all Fans were impressed with the choice of Host for the Reunion after it appeared that Greg Davis was left to sit in the audience while Channel 4 regular Jimmy Carr took charge of the show.

In an attempt to make the show funny everyone wore name badges stating their real names over their cast names "James not Jay" and "Jimmy not Alan"

As they were handed out James Buckley asked if they had to wear them, to which Jimmy Carr responded that they had to "Otherwise the whole show will be s**t," a statement that some may call ironic as the rest on the Reunion Special went on to disappoint.

Jimmy Carr has become a staple host for Channel 4 over the years hosting shows such as; "8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown," and "Big Fat Quiz Of The Year." Although Jimmy Carr has made a name for himself as a great Host, fans took to Twitter to express their feeling that Greg Davis who played "Mr Gilbert," in "The Inbetweeners" did not have a bigger role in the Reunion.

Fwends Reunited

Not only was Greg Davis not the Host of the Reunion special, but there were also many other Non-Cast Members who were brought into the show in place of Fan Favourites. Throughout, the show, a series of awards were presented including; "Best Bodily Malfunction," "Most Romantic" and "Best Teacher," which hilariously had "Mr Gilbert" as its only nominee.

Another disappointing segment of the show was "The History Of The Inbetweeners" that brought in Neil Oliver to present a cringy look back on the show's humble beginnings.

The segment came in four parts, each of which seemed to be far to look and would have worked better as a stand-alone fluff piece rather than as part of a Reunion Special.

However, the show was not a complete disappointment as the show shared a small segment that went back the "The Inbetweeners" roots with the four main Cast Member taking a drive in "Simon Cooper's" little yellow car to visit their old school. The segment was reminiscent of the boys "Rude Road Trip," in aid of Comic Relief back in 2011.

Twitter backlash

Fans of "The Inbetweeners" were also disappointed to see that Emily Atack who played Charlotte Hinchcliffe in the show was not at the Reunion.

Atack talked about her absence at the Reunion in an interview on "Captial FM" she stated, "I was booked to do it, was very much looking forward to it and then the day before I was told I was no longer needed for it."

Fans were also disappointed that many minor and one episode Characters were kept in the show over Emily Atack. These included; Deo Simcox who played Carly's little Brother in two episodes, Vladimir Consigny who played French Exchange Student, Patrice and the man who was James Buckley's naked stunt double in "The Inbetweeners Movie."

Since the show being aired James Buckley who played "Jay Cartwright" in the show has released a statement on Twitter in response to the negative backlash.