The reboot of the “Roseanne” comedy show was cut short after Roseanne Barr sent a racist tweet about a senior adviser to Barack Obama in March this year. She compared Valerie Jarrett – who is an African-American – to an ape.

It seems the backlash over the incident will keep on coming, as now Roseanne has published a bizarre video clip to her YouTube account, attempting to give an explanation about the racist tweet to an off-screen interviewer.

‘Roseanne and the racist tweet

Soon after Barr posted the offensive tweet, she apologized on Twitter to Valerie Jarrett and all Americans, writing that she was truly sorry for the “bad joke” about Jarrett and her politics.

Roseanne admitted that she should have known better and asked everyone to forgive her, as the joke had been made in bad taste. However, shortly afterward – and despite the apology – the reboot of the once popular “Roseanne” show was promptly cancelled. Roseanne then deleted her offensive tweet.

As reported by NME, it seems we are never going to hear the end of that racist tweet, as Barr has now published a bizarre video clip explaining why she sent the tweet in the first place. In the clip, she speaks (and rants) to an off-camera person. Readers can watch the clip here.

Trying to talk about Iran

As reported by the Huffington Post, the video starts with the interviewer trying to establish sound levels and saying, “Hello, hello,” after which Roseanne repeats the words, brushes back her messy, now bleached blonde hair and groans.

In the clip, Barr can be heard arguing with her interviewer saying she was trying to talk about Iran. She said she wanted to talk about Jarrett running the Iran deal. The interviewer can be heard to say that she had told them this information "300 times."

After this Roseanne cigarette in hand – explodes and starts ranting about the offensive tweet and saying she thought the b**ch was white.

She then repeated this by saying God damn it, she thought the b**ch was white. After this, a laugh can be heard coming from off-screen, following which Barr yells a swear word. Roseanne then goes on to take a final drag on her cigarette as the video clip ends.

The cancellation of the ‘Roseanne’ reboot

The “Roseanne” comedy series was originally broadcast in 1988 and was popular with its viewers for its hilarious family situations.

In May this year, the 10th season was launched as a reboot of the series. It was supposed to run for nine episodes. An 11th season was expected to follow, but the cancellation of the show called this to a firm halt.

In the 10th season of the show, Roseanne aired her own political views and she is a firm supporter of US President Donald Trump.