Last week, it was reported that a total of 15 tv shows were cancelled due to a variety of reasons. The primary reason, however, is because of low ratings and disastrous storylines. Unlike “Chappelle Show” who was cancelled because Dave Chappelle left, these shows are considered as a joke and embarrassment in TV history. However, for some, it is still puzzling why the networks decided to pull the trigger when they are showing consistent numbers.

There’s no guarantee in a TV series, you might be the hottest show in one episode the next day you’ll be cut off.

There’s a lot of pressure broadcasting every day and each and every cast should be crisp with their performance. Here is some list of those TV shows that have been cancelled then renewed by rival stations.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Things got a little bit scrappy between the showrunners and their fans on social media when FOX released a statement last Thursday about "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" being cancelled. Based on the recent numbers, this show is actually doing great compared to its rival. Sometimes being good isn’t enough as FOX chose to let them go. The next day, however, it was renewed by NBC. The fans were happy at this news and the cast started working on their much anticipated season.

'Last Man Standing'

Another epic show that is wrongfully cancelled by ABC. Tim Allen’s magic is still working which led to FOX offering him and the show a spot. "Last Man Standing" is already on its 7th season and anything is now possible, knowing that the scripts and storylines are all intact. Like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", the show has an unbelievable fan base who were bewildered when ABC decided to cut them off.

'Marvel’s Inhumans'

Probably this show deserved the boot as it didn’t live up to the hype that was built prior to releasing it. When you say Marvel or MCU, it means that the show is a guaranteed epic. But, as ironic as it sounds, the guys from Marvel are just humans. There’s a significant difference between this show compared to other series from Marvel like "S.H.I.E.L.D".

The lack of conviction from the characters was the final nail in their coffin which made them cancel after one season only.


Arguably one of the top shows was cancelled this week. Do not be deceived by the title, but rather check the way the series was introduced. "Lucifer" is a refreshing show getting away from the normal superheroes, medieval times and zombie genres. To this day, fans are still shocked from the news. They have started a trend in social media with a hashtag #SaveLucifer hoping that the showrunners will reconsider.