Like the great (actor-wrestler) Jake “The Snake” Roberts once said, “If you plant grass you grow grass, if you plant rice you grow rice, if you plant fear then fear will grow”. This is the mindset of the greatest villain in the episodic SOAP opera right now. Pat Phelan is an evil genius, to say the least. He has the ability to manipulate and play people like a puppet. And that is all we need to know when discussing the mistake that Gary made.

Gary's mistake, Pat's opportunity

What will you do if you see a serial killer on the loose? Would you dare to attack them?

Call the authorities? Upon tracking Pat Phelan in a secluded park in Wales, Gary has decided to take matters in his own hands. He firmly believes that he can outsmart the serial killer. Based on the trailers, Pat Phelan is not aware that Gary is watching him, or is he? Gary’s character is considered as impulsive to the extent of recklessness. He is aware of the danger, but he chooses to make a move.

On the other hand, Eileen has been pestered by a series of calls which is making her restless. She has an idea who it might be calling but she's trying her best to ignore her feelings. Until she heard the voice from her past. Eileen was visibly shaken when she heard the voice of her ex-husband, Pat Phelan.

This is now the beginning of his reign of terror. This Friday, we will be able to see what Pat has planned throughout the time everybody thought he was dead.

David and Shona

The hour-long episode also includes David’s desolation. David finally appeared in his court hearing and to his surprise, his case was suspended. With that said, David didn’t waste time in going back home to fix some loose ends.

He will be dumbfounded once he realises that Shona is now determined to continue his task. Shona will have a better understanding of the case, urging David to report to the authorities. Knowing David, he might not accept Shona’s advice. However, this could be the turning point that he has been waiting for.

Zeedan Leaving

Elsewhere, Rana and Kate will be questioned by the police about the attack.

Although Phil doesn’t remember most of what happened, he did describe his attacker as an Asian male. Instead of identifying the attacker, Rana and Kate acted like they didn’t know anything. Zeedan felt bad for his wrongdoings which made him decide to leave the vicinity. Few fans believe this is the finish of this storyline. Some are hinting that there's a more devious plan right after his attack on Phil.