The wait is almost over as "Poldark" is about to unfold a new chapter in their rich history. Aside from the political aspiration of Captain Ross Poldark, fans think that the showrunners should provide more insight on the storyline between Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) and Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse).

Release date

The pilot episode for Season 4 of "Poldark" is scheduled for 10 June this year at 9pm . This is indeed a shocker since the majority of their followers thought that the airdate will be in September. With that said, there are still a couple of days for the fans to watch again the epic scenes last Season 3.

For those who are in a different time zone, however, they might want to check their TV listings for some updates.

Cast of characters

The core cast of the show is still intact. The only notable names the show lost last season were Caroline Blakiston as Agatha and Captain Henshaw who is played by John Hollingworth. Although there are multiple rumours about a “huge star” joining the crew, the showrunners haven’t confirmed any. Aside from Ross Poldark, Hugh Armitage’s character will be exploited, it was last season when he was introduced and now we are seeing him as part of a bigger picture. The infidelity that happened bewildered the fans while half of them already saw it coming. Knowing Lieutenant Armitage and his capability, he might be the biggest threat to Captain Turner’s political exploitation.

Plots and theories

Demelza is hated by the fans right now and we can’t blame them. She is aware that she cheated but seems to have enjoyed it. Nobody knows their secret yet, but we can’t imagine the reaction Ross will have once he discovers Demelza’s dirty little secret. There are various theories that have been created right now by the fans.

There’s a possibility that Demelza is using Lieutenant Armitage to help her husband gain position in Westminster. If he does gain position, however, there’s a huge chance that their marriage won’t survive.

The latest trailer has somehow confused many viewers, especially when Demelza was shown lying in the bed with a certain man.

Some believed it was Ross, while some think it was Hugh. Technically, the show should revolve around Ross but it seems that they are putting Demelza forward as the main character. Lastly, it is guaranteed already that one of the most despised characters will die next season and to those who have read the book, they will already know who we are talking about.