As the days progress, different story angles have been noticed by the fans that are likely to happen in the upcoming season. These are just mere speculation, but there is some evidence to back it up. "Better Call Saul" is arguably the greatest prequel TV series in history and they have no signs of slowing down.

A few weeks ago, we’ve discussed a certain storyline where some of the main characters in "Breaking Bad" can be incorporated in "Better Call Saul" seamlessly. The names Steven Gomez, Domingo Gallardo Molina and even Walter White were brought up.

There are some ways for them to be included, but it will also be a challenge from the writer's standpoint. The main goal is to insert them without overshadowing the main characters.

Props to the man AntonJacksonTV for providing us some juicy insights on some theories that might happen in season 4. For those who are fond of watching YouTube, you can subscribe and check his channel out as he is one of the best in providing info about "Better Call Saul". Going back to Saul Goodman’s clients, as stated by the famed YouTuber, we might see Spooge and James Kilkelly in a few episodes in the BCS. The mere fact that Saul Goodman mentioned more than once on one of the episodes of "Breaking Bad’" highly suggest that they might make a special cameo in season 4.

Spooge and Saul Goodman

Spooge is well known for stealing meth from Skinny Pete. He is not a “big time” customer like some of the characters, but he is vital to the development of the story. After finding his address, Jesse Pinkman went to their house seeking the drugs that he stole from Skinny Pete. Spooge was willing to pay them with the ATM machine that he stole from convenience stores.

However, “tragedy” strikes when his wife tips the ATM machine crashing his head down to the mat. "Better Call Saul" can introduce Spooge as Saul’s client prior to his meth addiction. This is doable considering the path that the show is proceeding.

The story of James Edward Kilkelly

The other character who can be added to this particular storyline line is James Edward Kilkelly.

There’s really no surprise here as Saul provided ample information with his connection with Kilkelly. As seen on one of the episodes, Saul Goodman talked to Walter and Jesse about a person who is willing to go to jail. It was in the same episode when he stated that Kilkelly is “more comfortable inside and the outside world hasn’t been too kind to him”. With that said, the writers can easily squeeze him in BCS wherein they can further elaborate on how they met and how did Saul convince him about their “partnership”. Again, these are all theories, but some theories are as good as the spoilers we’ve been wanting from the showrunners.