Since the TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling novel, it has been a commitment from STARZ, characters, producers and even the big boss of the network to give back to their loyal supporters. This is probably the main reason why they have one of the biggest fan bases for a TV series.

Yearly celebration

Every 1st of June, fans of the series all over the world gather to celebrate and enjoy the success ’Outlander’ is basking. Series of games, programs and prices are given to the fans which shows that their connection is above and beyond. However, the biggest surprise might be the spoilers that are going to be provided none other by Diana Gabaldon or the cast themselves.

As previously reported, season 4 is the most anticipated TV drama series sequel to date. Yes, that is absolutely right and we are not throwing shade at other TV series.

So why did they choose June 1st instead of other dates? Well, for those who are true fans of the show, they do know the answer. However, for the benefit of those who are just starting to watch ‘Outlander’ here’s the reason. It was June 1, 1991 when Diana Gabaldon released its critically acclaimed first novel of the series. Several critics describe it as a refreshing novel, which immediately gained attention of the public.

Season 4 surprises

Last year, Sam Heughan (Jaime Fraser) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser) provided some insights on what will happen in season 4.

They’ve also used various social media platforms in providing a list of things that they are looking forward to and a big twist is expected. As for their favourite scene? The on-screen couple have different answers regarding that matter. Sam Heughan’s favourite scene for season 4 is the “Print Shop”. This is the angle wherein Jaime and Claire reunited after 20 years apart.

Few more details will soon to follow on June 1st as promised by the cast. As for Caitriona Balfe’s favourite scene, she just mentioned “soup”.

Future of the show

STARZ Network is all in with ‘Outlander’. Chris Albrecht, CEO of STARZ teased the fans about renewing the TV series for 2 more seasons. He is not worried about anything right now even if the novel consists of 10 parts.

Albrecht stated that they had a productive meeting about the future of the show and will provide some updates during the “World Outlander Day”. There’s no premiere date yet for season 4 but most fans are expecting it to be released this September.